Zibi + Karolina, husband and wife London wedding photographers team  specialize in colorful photography and exclusive, unique top-of-the-market service to couples from London, Surrey, Kent, the South East, UK and all over the world.

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect wedding day. What do you see? What can you feel? Is it nice? We want you to feel exactly the same, when you look at your wedding photographs.

Making space for real moments on a wedding day is our number one priority. Not overly posing, not making people look unnatural or planning out every second of the day. Just capturing authentic moments, exactly how they happen. Our philosophy is based purely on friendship and fun. We treat your wedding day as it would be our own, going thru with all your feelings, your emotions and FUN, offering stress free experience. Yes, fun, happiness and laughter – because it’s a happy day. It’s our proud and passion to capture the day as you imagined and once you come back to your wedding set after a years, we want you to cherish the day again and again.

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