Hi! We are Karolina and Zibi.

We are glad you’re here. If, like us, you do not like to pose and naturalness in photos is the most important thing, it seems that we are on the same page. Yes, those candid moments matters the most!

We are proud parents of two beautiful girls – Pola and Wera. Apart of taking pictures and creating videos we love travelling and drink coffee. Because we do what we do, we have plenty time to spend with the people we love, which is the most important for us.

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From the first time we met Zibi & Karolina we built such a rapor with them. They care so much about getting amazing photos.

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Your day as unique as You


Our photography journey started in 2003, when being on student exchange program in US we decided to buy our first digital camera – small point a shoot Kodak. From that point there was no limit – only size of very expensive memory card was the limit of us taking pictures. We still have this camera and I don’t know if we decide to sell it ever – who would buy it these days. In 2008 we decided to get our first ‘professional’ camera, which was not professional at all. That was Pentax k-7 and we were so proud of images coming out that camera.

Most of our professional life we been working in hospitality. In 2010 we decided to change it and we started our first venture, which was concierge services. That includes wedding planning services. And we loved it. One day one of our couples asked to hire photo booth for their wedding. And after contacting all photo booth hire we couldn’t find anything available. And that was it – Karolina said if we can’t hire it, we will have one to be hired. After few weeks we were proud owners of the photo booth. And we had few bookings straight away. Once we built our website, it just went like a snow ball. Bookings were coming from every possible directions. We knew that we need to have another booth very soon. But we didn’t want to pay premium to have it built, so we decided to take on the project of building one ourselves. Sleepless nights, long days and problems we couldn’t find a solutions for. And this was our start of the Professional Photography Journey. From that point we needed to understand all manual functions of all different cameras as well as lighting options which we chosen for our business and all the alternatives just in case things go wrong. That was great fun and nightmare in one go. So we learnt all of that hard way. So, we were at a point where we are at a weddings and corporate events every week (and weekend as well) and business is going very well. What else would you want? We had numerous requests for wedding photography and we turn all those potential bookings away.

This was a turning point for us. We loved being at weddings and we couldn’t be happier if we would have possibility to witness all the aspects of the wedding day. There was no coming back. We shot a wedding for a friend and we knew this is it. We have developed an eye for details, for happiness and for all the important and precious frames we all love to see. We have realized, that both of us see that day a little different, which makes the job even more interesting. We developed our shooting and editing style and shared between us at every single step.

The rest of the story is still to be written. Would you help us to do it? We would be delighted to hear your wedding plans and how you could contributed to our story.

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We are blown away with the amazing pictures we received and at how soon we received them

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