Hi! We are Karolina and Zibi.

We are glad you’re here. If, like us, you do not like to pose and naturalness in photos is the most important thing, it seems that we are on the same page. Yes, those candid moments matters the most!

We are proud parents of two beautiful girls – Pola and Wera. Apart of taking pictures and creating videos we love travelling and drink coffee. Because we do what we do, we have plenty time to spend with the people we love, which is the most important for us.

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From the first time we met Zibi & Karolina we built such a rapor with them. They care so much about getting amazing photos.

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Our photography journey commenced in 2003 during a student exchange program in the US, when we made the decision to purchase our very first digital camera – a small point and shoot Kodak. From that moment onward, the only limitation we faced was the size of the very expensive memory cards, which determined the extent of our photographic endeavors. Remarkably, we still possess this camera, although the thought of selling it in today’s digital age seems improbable.

In 2008, we took a significant step by acquiring our first ‘professional’ camera, although it wasn’t truly professional. This camera, a Pentax k-7, brought us immense pride with the quality of images it produced.

The majority of our professional careers were spent in the hospitality industry. However, in 2010, we made a pivotal decision to venture into concierge services, which also encompassed wedding planning. It was during this time that a couple we were assisting with wedding planning requested a photo booth for their special day. Despite our efforts to find one for hire, we were unsuccessful. This led us to the decision that if we couldn’t hire one, we would create one to be hired out. Thus, after a few weeks, we became proud owners of a photo booth, which quickly garnered bookings once we established our website.

Recognizing the demand, we knew we needed another booth soon. However, rather than paying a premium for its construction, we opted to embark on the project ourselves. This marked the beginning of our journey into professional photography. We immersed ourselves in understanding the manual functions of various cameras, as well as exploring lighting options for our business, preparing for any unforeseen challenges along the way.

With our commitment to weddings and corporate events, our business flourished. Yet, we found ourselves turning away numerous requests for wedding photography, realizing our passion lay in capturing the essence of these special occasions.

A pivotal moment occurred when we shot a wedding for a friend, confirming our calling in wedding photography. We honed our skills, developed our unique shooting and editing styles, and found joy in sharing every step of the journey together.

As our story unfolds, we invite you to be a part of it. Share your wedding plans with us, and together, let’s continue writing our story.

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We are blown away with the amazing pictures we received and at how soon we received them

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