Berlin Engagement Shoot

City shoot always sounds exciting. Especially when location is abroad. We have been to Berlin many times before and we never get bored with this beautiful city. So many different and great places, each time discovering something new. The architecture is stunning and the city have so much history and variety that wedding photographer could ask for. Monica and Eddie have chosen this place for their engagement shoot and it was wonderful choice. We wished the day was longer and we could spent way more time at this Berlin engagement shoot.

We had a great idea of dream date in Berlin! Both of us were not sure if weather would be helpful or rather opposite. Happily we were lucky and the weather turn out to be just perfect. Just Monica showed us a bit sour face when swapping her dress.

We started with a nice stroll thru busy Berlin streets, creating few casual shots. Monica looked absolutely stunning in her dress. On the beginning Edward was a bit camera shy, but after showing him few of our images taken, he managed to relax and just let it go. He said even he was a bit of a handsome guy.

Next to The Berlin National Museum, where we spent some time, was a great traditional pub, so there was no other option but take a break and have a pint of German lager. That was so refreshing. We have tried not so traditional Berliner’s kebap as well. So after the break we moved on to the Alexander Platz and train station, where we managed to create a bit of  “goodbye look”. These are actually our favorite shots. Full of love and nostalgic and like all images taken that day absolutely natural.

Pre wedding shoot in Berlin

Berlin is definitely one of the best places for city engagement shoot! We definitely will be coming here again! It was such a pleasure to photograph this photogenic couple. They were pleasure to work with. We are super excited to show you this set below. Sit back and enjoy!

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