Bridal tips Getting ready

Many brides wish to have their getting ready photographed. This can be a very nerve wracking time for the bride as she anticipates any last minute problems and the special day at last becomes real to her. Until the morning of her wedding, no bride will actually know how she will feel and it is important for the photographer to be adaptable to any changes and respect last minute bridal requirements. This is also a very important time, as any photographs taken here set the tone for the day ahead. There is always something going on at the preparations: The bridesmaids/best friend/mum/dad arrive, make-up is applied, champagne opened, a proud dad sees his daughter in her dress for the first time and so on.


Hair: Often the bride’s hair will be done early in the morning or out at a hairdresser. This may make it impractical for the photographer to document this part of the preparations. If this is the case, don’t worry. A good photographer will ensure that there are plenty of shots of other things to more than compensate.

Make-up: Positioning is very important here. Ensure your make-up table is positioned in front of a window and leave space around it to let the photographer move around if possible. Delicate and directional window light is extremely flattering and can be used to good effect. Your wedding photographer should be discrete and not get in the way of the make-up artist. Often it is the MUA who is apologetic but she has no need to be.

Details: There will be plenty of wedding details available to photograph at the preparations. The flowers and buttonholes are often delivered here. There will also be the something old, new, borrowed and blue items if this tradition is upheld. Then there are the dress and shoes, good luck cards and maybe even the rings. The photographer should look for these things, but let him know if there is anything important or less obvious that you’d like photographed.

Time: Sometimes the bride may not be ready for the photographer when he arrives. Don’t worry about this at all – he can wait. I need about an hour at the preparations, but prefer an hour and a half just to be safe. Other photographers will vary. Sometimes the bride and her party will be ready ahead of schedule. In this case, the extra time is useful to take portraits of the bride on her own, with her bridesmaids and possibly with her parents too.

On the day – getting ready capture


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