Destination Wedding Photography Thailand

Fantastic five days family and friends celebrations of marriage of Sheena and Bimal at Hua Hin Dusit Thani Resort.

Many thanks for having us and gives us an oportunity to celebrate with You.

Bride & Groom: Sheena and Bimal

Wedding venue: Dusit Thani Resort in Hua Hin

Bridal hair & makeup: Roshni Makeup Artist

Wedding planner: Foreign Wedding Planners

We decided to treat this blog post a little different. We would like to show you the beauty and traditions of Hidu Wedding Ceremony rituals and how Sheena, Bimal and their friends and family decided to celebrate according to all of them.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

The Hindu Wedding Ceremony is a union of two souls valid for the lifetime of the couple. The rituals of the ceremony are based on the hymns contained in the Vedas, sacred Hindu scriptures, which are over 5,000 years old. The ceremony is consecrated in the presence of God, as represented by the five elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ether, which play an integral role in the ceremony.

Baraat: In a festive procession filled with music, dance & laughter, Bimal’s wedding party arrives at the wedding. Upon their arrival, Sheena’s mother, Nina, welcomes Bimal. She places an earthen pot that symbolises the bitter and sweet experiences of life at the entrance. Bimal shatters the pot with his right foot, demostrating his commitment to overcome any obstacle in his married life.

Vaar Pooja: Bimal is welcomed to the mandap in the form of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of life. Sheena’s parents, Nina and Shirish, wash the groom’s feet as a sign of utmost respect.

Ganesh Pooja: Nina and Shirish pray to Lord Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles, to bless the day for the happy couple.

Kanya Aagaman: A veil (antarpet) is held in front of Bimal as Sheena is escorted by her brother Chiraag to the mandap. Sheena enters the mandap in the form of Laxshmi, the goddess of prosperity.

Kanya Daan: Nina & Shirish give away their daughter’s hand in marriage to Bimal. They will place Sheena’s hand in Bimal’s hand as the couple vow to accept each other in an equal partnership of love and respect.

Jai Mala: Sheena and Bimal exchange flower garlands placing them around one another’s necks as a symbol of their own acceptance of each other as their life-long partner in marriage.

Agni Pooja and Vagna: A sacred fire is lit in the centre of the mandap and invites Agni, the goddess of fire, as the supreme witness of the marriage.

Mangal Phera: Kama, Artha, Dharma and Moksha are the four objectives in life, keeping them in mind, Sheena and Bimal complete four circles around the Agni. After the fourth Phera is complete, Sheena sits to the left of Bimal, positioning herself closer to his heart.

Sindoor & Mangal Sutra: Bimal places red vermilion powder in Sheena’s hair parting as a sign of endless love. He then gifts her a gold and black beaded necklace which represents his devotion to her and signifies her status as a married woman.

Saptapadi: Sheena and Bimal take seven steps toghether, which each step signifying a different aspect of marriage to uphold toghether. With the final step, Sheena and Bimal vow to be life-long companions and friends to one another.

Akhand Saubhagyawati: Thirteen married women bless Sheena by whispering their best wishes and advice in her right ear.

Kansar Bhojan: The couple feed each other sweets to signify that they will share everything in life toghether in sweeteness.

Aashirvaad: To conclude the ceremony, the couple touch the Priest’s feet and get blessings from their parents and elders for happily married life.

Koda Kodi: The newly wed couple play a game in which several coins and a ring are placed in a tray of water covered by milk, honey and vermilion. It is believed that the person who finds the ring first will be the ruler of the house!

Vidaai: Sheena is bid an emotional farewell by her parents, siblings, relatives and friends.