Engagement Shoot at the Boulevards


“The session with Couple of London was a very pleasant and fun experience. Zibi and Karolina made us feel like real models. Totally loose atmosphere favored our cooperation. The effects of their work are wonderful! We recommend that you celebrate your engagement with Couple of London!”

A pre-wedding engagement shoot is a great way to take fantastic photos. Our couples often admit that they have almost no pictures together that they would love. And yes, holiday selfies don’t count, LOL.

Engagement shoot is important to us as a photographers for one more reason. Namely, during such a session, which usually lasts between 1.5h – 2h, we are able to make friends with the couple, show them the style in which we work, and make them comfortable in front of our lenses. Finally, we will meet at the wedding some time, and believe me, the couples who we already met at engagement shoots behave quite differently, from the ones who didn’t go for such a shoot.

Let’s go back to the session itself, its organization, place and the couple themselves. For us, as native Szczeciners, this city was always associated with Waly Chrobrego. After a great modernization, after the creation of Boulevards and Lasztownia, Waly Chrobrego returned to their splendor. We liked the opposite bank of the Odra River, called the New Heart of the City. Temporarily the heart of Lasztownia and the brightest object is the so-called Wheel of Szczecin  is a carousel, which illuminates after dark creates an amazing atmosphere. The choice of location for our session was obvious – Lasztownia.

Emilia and Tomek, a remarkable couple, a little serious with a pinch of fun. They knew what to expect, and that’s not our style anymore. After all, we like to surprise you to introduce something new at every engagement shoot, something we haven’t done yet. So that evening we came with an electric scooter rented from EcoShare. At first Karolina was a bit unsure, but when she put on her helmet she knew that it was time for an adventure on two wheels, LOL.

When Emilia saw the scooter she was absolutelly delighted, Tomek was a little scared, but in just a moment he was riding like there was no tomorrow. The idea was great and minty added a different dimension to the photos. Combined with the architecture of Lasztownia, we managed to capture both the beauty of the waterfront and the uniqueness of our couple. And although they don’t ride on two wheels on a daily basis, they have a great sense of the ‘easy rider’ atmosphere.

Let’s not forget about the artificial beach, which is an absolutely fantastic idea. Such a huge amount of sand organized on the island is a great spot for families as well as a fantastic place for evening meetings. And these baskets, ah, we love them. Just take a look at the few frames below.

The last part of the session were evening photos. Shortly after dark, a powerful circle illuminated like Las Vegas leads across the river. Yes, yes, nothing to be ashamed of. Wheel of Szczecin is at a world-class level and also presents itself. And it fits perfectly into the engagement shoot we wanted to have in Szczecin.

Emilia and Tomek and their Engagement Shoot at the Boulevards

The best part of being destination engagement photographer is to see and discover new places and meeting people. This is what we love most in our job, the people. If you are looking for destination engagement photographer, we do love to hear from you. We are excited to meet you all and hear your awesome stories. We hope you will enjoy small gallery below. If you would love to see full gallery, contact Emilia or Tomek. They will provide you with a link and password. Many thanks.

Engagement Shoot at the Boulevards

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