Female London Wedding Photographer

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As a London Wedding Photographers we get lots of inquiries, if we could cover both bride and groom’s getting ready on the same time. We are more than happy to do that. Most of the times we share this part of the day. Zibi is covering groom’s preparations and Karolina covers bride’s side of the party.

What if there is a preference of having female London wedding photographer instead of male and if there is a cultural requirement, that the particular pre wedding event is an Female only event. As we are husband and wife team – Karolina and Zibi – we do shot plenty of times together as a team. Wherever there is a need we are more than happy to shoot separate, covering groom and bride’s getting ready. Not every single time there is a need for female photographer to cover bride’s morning preparations or vice versa. However many times, especially at weddings different cultures, for example Asian weddings or Muslim weddings, there is a preference on having female London wedding photographer at this part of the day.

Having female London wedding photographer in our husband and wife team, can fulfill the need of shooting female only pre wedding events. That can happen at traditional Muslim pre wedding events, like Henna/Mehndhi party. And we have to mention, that we had such a inquiry and that was the way we shot that events, which came out brilliantly. Being female wedding photographer London is very handy at bride’s getting ready. All ladies, especially the bride feels more relaxed and we are able to showcase a little more shots. Sometimes it really comes down to preferences of particular bride. And we do understand this due to lots of different circumstances, like: culture, habits, parents point of view, stress on the day, etc.

London wedding photography as a husband and wife team gives a two different perspectives. Seeing everything thru eyes of male and female photographer is so much beneficial for our couples. We do tend to use different lenses at same particular situations, which results of having some many different shots within same wedding story.

Please let us know if you would prefer to have female London wedding photographer on your pre wedding events. Many thanks.

Female London Wedding Photographer

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