Fulham Palace Wedding Photographer

Hello and welcome to 2022! What a year it’s been 2021! So many brilliant weddings, so many happy people. So, let’s start blogging on some of them.

Wedding at the Fulham Palace

That was such an elegant and crazy at the same time wedding. Bride and groom, one of the most relaxed couples we have ever met. They both were getting ready at Kew in Richmond, West London to get married at the Saint Anne’s Parish Church in Kew. Once they became husband and wife, just outside the church their guests formed the longest confetti tunnel I have ever witnessed. Such a joy to be there with them.

How many London Red Buses do you need for your wedding guests?

Well, I would say it really depends on the number of guests. On that occasion, there were two totally packed buses. The couple decided to travel in a vintage limo to their wedding venue, which was Fulham Palace.

Where is Fulham Palace located?

Fulham Palace is located in West London beside the River Thames very close to Putney Bridge. Fulham Palace is very easily accessible by London’s public transport or a taxi. If you travel by car remember, that there is no public parking there.

Is photography permitted at the Fulham Palace wedding?

YES, photography is permitted at every Fulham Palace wedding. The venue is very picturesque, so prepare to be amazed by so many photo opportunities. We love that style of the venue, which makes the wedding photography and videography for us even more enjoyable.

Is live music permitted at the Fulham Palace wedding?

YES, YES, YES! And at the particular Fulham Palace wedding, there was THE BEST live band I have ever seen in my life – Tuba Libres. They performed at the level you can only imagine with such a lovely twist. Their show at the cocktail reception at the Fulham Palace forecourt amazed all the guests and set the mood for a whole wedding day.

Fulham Palace Wedding Suppliers

VENUE: Fulham Palace https://www.fulhampalace.org/venue-hire

BRIDE’S WEDDING DRESS: Louise Selby http://louiseselby.com

HAIR & MAKE-UP: Carla A. https://www.carlaaraujo.co.uk

LIVE BAND: Tuba Libres https://tuba-libres.co.uk

Fulham Palace Wedding Photographer