How to choose wedding photographer

Your wedding photographer will probably be the one person who will be around you most during your day. From the preparations through until the first dance and often beyond, they will be there to capture all those special moments that you may or may not have been aware were happening. For this reason, it is most important that you feel comfortable and relaxed to have your chosen photographer around. There are several things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer:

1. Style: Do you require natural shots of the day as it unfolds or a more traditional approach with an emphasis on posed shots? Black & white images, colour or a mixture? Bright colours or moody tones? Dreamy soft focus or a more high contrast, gritty look? Personally, we don’t go in for soft focus. But if you like it, there are plenty of photographers that do it and do it well.

2. Pricing: Budgeting is key when planning a wedding. But what happens if you find your perfect photographer and discover they’re quite a lot over the fee that you’ve set aside for photography? You don’t have to choose the most expensive photographer but remember that good photography isn’t cheap. Photos are the one thing from your day that you’ll take with you to look back on. They’re an investment in memories and should be well worth the extra money that in the future you won’t even remember spending.

3. Do your research, do it well: So you’ll likely spend a fair whack on your photography – be sure to get it right. Spend time on the website and use keywords that reflect the style that you’re looking for. The work that you see on websites should be similar to what you’ll end up with to look back on for years to come. Shortlist a few that resonate well with you and arrange to meet them. Personality and photographic flair are equally important so ultimately choose who you both like the work of and feel you can work with.

4. Use your photographer: Once you’ve chosen them, use them. They’ll be experienced in many aspects of the wedding day, so ask questions, listen to their suggestions and value their opinion. Remember, they are the professional.

5. Know what you are paying for: Will you get the edited images files? High-res or low-res? Will you own the license to use your images? How many images will be provided? Write down any questions and ask when you meet your photographers.

6. Communicate with your photographer: Know what you want and ensure that your photographer is on the same page. Make sure they know where to be and when. Provide them with an itinerary and list of required shots. I give my clients a questionnaire to fill in to make things easier. If there is anything else you believe they need to know, tell them.

Surrey wedding photographers point of view

So was the question answered? Do you really know now what to consider when choosing photographer for YOUR VERY OWN wedding? For us, when choosing people we gonna spend whole day and we want to entrust our MOST IMPORTANT DAY capture, we need people we connect with, we gonna have laugh with and we stay friends with for the rest of our life.

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How to choose your wedding photographer