Few days ago I had a chance to speak with London and Destination Wedding Planner Katrien Morgan. She is the owner of South Event Specialists and we met thru zoom online tool to discuss very popular subject of ‘How to plan a wedding during covid19 pandemic’ and how wedding planner could help and make this day even more special. Please get a large cup of coffee (or large glass of wine – Katrien will recommend you some lovely wines later on) and hit play. Prepare for good conversation and maybe a little of laughter.

Interview with London and Destination Wedding Planner

Q: Planning a Wedding during covid19 pandemic

K: I can tell you it is a challenge. Now funny enough you see a lot of people are starting to plan a wedding, most people has some spare time in their hands, you’ve got a lot of couples are looking at 2021 weddings, a lot of venues are potentially looking to open their 2022 wedding calendars. And a lot is happening around postponing weddings. Obviously couples that are affected during this wedding season both in UK or South Africa depending on where your wedding is – I specialize in Destination Weddings in South Africa, but I do UK weddings as well.

The key at the moment is just to keeping up in mind to be flexible, work around plan ‘B’ and maybe a plan ‘C’ as well, chat to all the suppliers, so great communication and make sure you find something that works for everybody. If is doesn’t work for everybody, you need to go and prioritize what is the most important for you and build that plan ‘B’ wedding around that. So it is a bit of a challenge and it is juggling a bit more logistical issues than normally, but I think everyone is open minded and all the wedding suppliers I work with really trying and accommodate couple the best they can. We are all about making couples have the best time they possibly can at their wedding and giving them memories they could cherish for the rest of their lives. Just as any other season during this pandemic we try to do really the same.

How Wedding Planner can help with Your Wedding

How Wedding Planner can help with Your Wedding