Indian Wedding Photography Thailand


Dusit Thani Resort was the venue Sheena and Bimal felt in love with years before they decided about their wedding. The decision for them was even easier if you see the place. It is absolutely awesome! I would like to get married there and host there my wedding reception, LOL!

It was gorgeous six day Indian Wedding Photography event. We spent there a week to have the story completed. Sheena and Bimal hosted many pre wedding events, including Bollywood Themed Party, Pool Party, Sangeet Arabian Night and all the traditional Hindu ceremonies.

The day started with the traditional procession called ‘Baraat‘. The Baraat is a large gathering of friends, family, and close relatives. Baraat is the arrival of the groom at the wedding venue on the day of the wedding. There are a ton of different ideas for this part of your indian wedding. Bimal arrived on gorgeous elephant.

The groom’s friends and family members accompanied Bimal to the wedding venue in large procession. The procession is called the barati. They were welcomed and received by the bride’s family. You could see there lots of ceremonies within the ceremonies – shoe stealing, nose pulling, lots of laugh and fun.

Then when the bride arrived. It was absolutely stunning. All 260 wedding guests just went SILENT. Just quickly scroll down and see what an arrival. Beautiful, elegant, just simply amazing! The weather was stunning – it was nothing special to be honest, but we were still under amazing Thai influence, LOL. The mandap was positioned as Sheena and Bimal dreamed. Behind them was ocean once they got married. Hindu wedding ceremony is always full of tears, laugh and fun, but this one was different. There is something magical is weddings abroad.

Indian wedding photography

Next night was the wedding reception night. We can say just one word: CRAZY! Guests partied into the night celebrate two of their people coming toghether to start brand new journey.

Sheena and Bimal, many thanks for having us. It was an honour to capture your six day Indian Wedding Photography and if it could be possible we would do it again and again. It felt like holidays, not work. Now scroll down and enjoy: