Jago / Jaago Ceremony Photography Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition

As a London Wedding Photographers we cover Asian Weddings as well. Even though we are not Asians, we are often ask for advice and information; knowing that as we shoot Weddings from Culture’s and Religion’s different to our own. After having to have done this many times, it made sense to write about aspects of Asian Weddings and Asian Wedding Photography.


Let’s talk about Jago!

We grew up in Poland and spent half of adult life here in UK. That’s when we first time had a chance to know some basics about Asian culture.  When we arrived to London, we had a chance to work with people from all over the world.  Because both of us love to travel, we are so curious of other cultures and traditions.  That’s how we had a chance to drink first Indian tea or try homemade chicken curry.  It has been many years now and we keep in touch with our beloved friends, whose roots are from India. Every time we go to visit them, we have a chance to talk about present situation and history of their country as well to taste great Indian food. Yes, Anisha & Rosh we are talking about You! So cool that Birmingham is not that far to drive. We had a pleasure to host them on our Polish Christmas this year and they loved it! We had a great fun! So, we learnt the culture from people really.

Then came our first Asian wedding, so we learnt more about religion and traditions.  Some of them are surprisingly like ours. Asian weddings is a topic which we could endlessly write about but today we wanted to bring closer a tradition which happens before the wedding itself. How we were wrong thinking that Jago is only for women side of the family, until some time ago we were asked to photograph Parminder’s Jago at Horizons Bar. So let me tell you few things about Jago:

Often meaning “staying awake”, the Jago ritual involves the relatives of the groom and bride, in their respective abodes, to stay up all night. The idea is to celebrate the wedding and make merry by dancing and partying. The aunt of the bride and groom takes an earthen pot (Jago) filled with candles (lights), places it on her head and dances. The pot is further passed on to other family members and friends as well.

Knowing the little information about Jago makes it all so clear, why this is one of the happiest parties ever. On the top of that the lights and colors make that party even more exciting.  We so love the music and heated dance which comes with that. No wonder our bodies straight away join the family and friends on the dance floor. Mixed up with dancing guests is a great tip to get the best shots as well!

Jago / Jaago Ceremony Photography Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition

Jago / Jaago Ceremony Photography Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition

Are you planning your Asian Wedding in 2021 and pre wedding events like Jago, Sangeet and Mehendi, Chunni or Chuda?If so, contact us. We would be delighted to hear your story and be part of your wedding celebrations. If you know someone, who could benefit from the blog post above, please share it. It may help someone a lot. Ant if you want more about Jago / Jaago Ceremony Photography Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition just call us. We will be delighted to answer all your questions you may have.

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