Hampton Court Park Family Photography

Hampton Court Park Family Photography

Hampton Court Park Family Photography

Timeless and Relaxed South London Family Photography

Where is Hampton Court Park located?

Hampton Court Park is located between the gardens of Hampton Court Palace and Kingston upon Thames and Surbiton in southwest London.

What is the best time to take family photographs at Hampton Court Park?

The best time for family photography is usually morning - between sunrise until 11 am - and evening time - a couple of hours before the sunset. We all know, that it is not very easy to coordinate time between busy parents and kids, but once you are in the park just take the most and enjoy the time together. The candid approach to photography will guarantee you amazing results and a fantastic time for your family.

What is the best time of the year for Family Photography in Hampton Court Park?

Every season is beautiful in its own way. The most photogenic are Spring and Autumn and it is the time for great colours as well. But every time is great to capture some memories.

Posed Family Photography or Candid Family Photography?

Well, a bit of both to be honest. I love to capture real moments, real emotions and real laughter. But few posed family photographs is a must. These are the ones you might hang on the wall and cherish forever.

As you can see above, family photography is not only a way to create and keep amazing memories, but it is a fantastic time. If you are looking for a South London Family Photographer let me know and contact me here. I will be delighted to meet you and your family, advise you all about your family session, and create a great set of photographs for you.

Advantages of a Short Family Sessions

Advantages of a Short Family Sessions

Advantages of a Short Family Sessions

Is 15 minutes family photo shoot even possible?

We often find excuses not to do something and usually it is a lack of time. Unfortunately, you have to make up some other reason, as I can truly convince you that we are able to take great shoots in only 15 minutes. So why do we need to book an hour or two for session? Well the answer is very simple- to change the nappies, to have a sip of water, grab a snack, have a quick nap, etc. Being a parent, you exactly know how it all works. From the time we have left, we try to squeeze as much as possible and usually the best images are taken within 15 minutes. Sometimes, if we are lucky it is very beginning of the session, so later we just can have coffee, or if you really in a hurry we say goodbye. Otherwise real posing during your time booked is just 15 minutes, so let leave the stress behind. Everyone can survive 15 minutes in front of a camera and give a little bit an effort.

The beautiful family below is the best example of having truly little time, but the time it wasn`t an excuse. It was children, who are very lively, having their own ideas for playing around, getting bored quickly and easily. We were all informed about it before, so we started to work from the minute we met each other at the lakeside. And guess what? Parents know their children the most. 15 minutes later the fuss arrived. With chewing gum bribes, we probably bought another couple of minutes, but that was everything we got.

And what do you think? We are extremely happy from this extra speedy family session. If you think it is not possible, just have a look below. It is a real deal.

wear it pink London

Wear it Pink

October is a Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.  In 1992, Evelyn Lauder created the pink ribbon and launched The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign, recognizing an urgent need to bring breast cancer to the forefront and put a spotlight on this world health issue.  At the time, breast cancer was still a taboo topic. Today, the pink symbolizes hope, strength, and unity for many.

Think before You Pink….

Think before You wear it pink. Every woman can easily be a victim of breast cancer. There is no guarantee it is not going to be you. There is no medicine to prevent it, no healthy food and healthy style of life. This is hidden disease that a target any of us. The only real prevent is to check out or breast on routine basis.  For many of us it is still uncomfortable and stressful experience.

Unfortunately, it is YOU and only you who can make the difference. There are many different supporters out there to help you. If you struggle to ask your GP for diagnosis, start with your friend, sister, mother, helpline or simply google for some encouragement.

You are not alone.

What is the most important, if you check early enough it is treatable. My todays model Cecil went through difficult chemotherapy and while the pictures were taken was just few days before her operation. I know the operation went well and she is recovering now. She wears it pink… As you can read from her smile, she has never given up. It is still plenty of time for her on this world.  She is a perfect example of beautiful Survival. With the help from her close family and friends we managed to create these beautiful portraits.

We wanted to SAY TO YOU – do not be afraid to go for the check-up, do not be afraid to go through difficult and painful treatment, do not be afraid of loosing your hair, do not be afraid to tell your dearest how you feel.


Wear it Pink

Below you can find few links where you can find help.

NHS: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/breast-cancer/living-with

Macmillan Cancer Support: https://www.macmillan.org.uk/

Breast Cancer Now: https://breastcancernow.org/information-support/support-you

Book you might be interested:  'From Cancer to Wellness: The Forgotten Secrets' https://amzn.to/31l7vYJ

golden hour female portraits

Golden Hour Female Portraits

Sunset Portraits at The Ouse Valley Viaduct

Considering Golden Hour Experience? Let me know!

    how to prepare for the boudoir session

    How to prepare for the boudoir session

    How to prepare for the boudoir session

    Being sexy means different things to each woman, to me it means being confident in yourself and what you are doing. You want to own everything you do and believe in yourself.

    Prepare your skin

    Make sure you do not eat anything , that could cause spots or pimples a few days before the shoot. Also refresh your skin, do some peelings, facials, etc. And hydrate a lot. It is really important for your skin, not only when you prepare for the boudoir session. On the day make sure you drink water from the morning and eat a light snack before the shoot.

    Clothing to choose for boudoir session

    Clothing – you want to wear something that you are going to be comfortable in. So, if any of your body part is your favorite, focus on those that you love the most. You want to pick an outfit, that is going to bring out that special body part or body parts, that you love and feel most comfortable with. Colors – all of the colors will pick in the camera a lot more than it gonna be in person. Reds gonna be much redder, blues gonna be more intensive, etc. The same with patterns, try to avoid crazy patterns. All of those things will not be flattering in photos. I like to stick with neutral and dark colors.

    Boudoir make-up

    Make-up – when it comes to make-up, you want to go a little bit heavier with your make-up. There is such a bright light usually during the sessions and if you go to light on your make-up is gonna to end up washing you out. You want to be able to see that contour or fuller lip or longer lashes. So make sure you go a tiny bit heavier than you would normally do. That way your make-up photographs really pretty but flawless and still shows up. Also make sure that your nails are done. Whatever are plain or painted, make sure they are not chipped. And don’t forget about your toes.

    When it come to photo shoot make-up, no matter how good you are, I always recommend to let professional make-up artist to do your make-up. You have to trust me on this one.

    Location of the boudoir session

    When it comes down to location, let your photographer to choose one. For the boudoir shoot, you need plenty of light, so the bedrooms with big windows are always first choice. If you don’t have one at home, hotel bedrooms are always great. A bonus will be large windows with airy sheer. It gives that soft light and a little bit more intimacy to every boudoir session. Lately I love The One Aldwych Hotel in central London. Airy, bright and very clean looking bedrooms are just perfect.

    I like to keep it fun

    I think you really want to keep it fun when it comes to your boudoir session. There is so many things we are worried about, when it comes to stripping down in front of someone. Whatever you doing the session for yourself or for your spouse, it doesn’t really matter. Just keep it fun, feel confident, maybe have a little glass of champagne. It takes a few shots to get there, but when you gonna look back at those pictures you gonna say: ‘I look good’.

    Take a look at a boudoir session I did lately with Sandra:

    How to prepare for the boudoir session

    I hope you find some useful tips in my guide about how to prepare for the boudoir session. It is always an amazing experience. Please let me know if you are looking for female London boudoir photographer. I would love to have a chat with you and see how I can help you.

    Boudoir Contact Questionnaire

    Share a little bit about yourself. (Info will be used to get to know you a little better and get in touch about your session)

      Mayfield Lavender Field in Surrey

      Mayfield Lavender Field in Surrey

      Mayfield Lavender Field in Surrey

      Mayfield Lavender Field in Surrey is one of the places, we love to spend time and enjoying fresh air at. It is so peaceful, simply beautiful. Especially now, in the end of July and thru August, when lavender is in a full bloom. Perfect setting for a walk or Sunday picnic. It is so nice to walk thru the flowers, which you can experience with all your senses. Yes, all of them. Did you know, that you can get a lavender shortbread biscuits? And they are delicious! Especially with fresh coffee. You have to try it.

      Family Session at Lavender Field

      It is a great choice for a family photography shoot. Actually, Mayfield Lavender Field in Surrey is perfect for any kind of shoot. Every direction you look it is fantastic. Living very close and being London family photographer gives me a lot of opportunities to come here. Thanks to my wonderful clients, I am back here now. Just take a look at a few images we have created on that afternoon. And yes, once you close your eyes, you can smell lavender.

      Mayfield Lavender Field in Surrey

      We love Mayfield Lavender Field in Surrey, and you? Would you like me to join you there for a family session there? If so, let me know. Let's arrange amazing afternoon and let's catch some wonderful moments with your dearest. Would love to hear the story of your family. Every and each is so unique.

      Family Photography in Bushy Park

      Family Photography in Bushy Park

      Family Photography in Bushy Park

      Family photography in Bushy Park is always an amazing choice. We love this and other Royal Parks during any kind of weather. There is always plenty to do and kids are always busy. Which is very important, when you come to the park with your family. The amount of activities kids can come to to do is amazing. What would you do with a collapsed tree, how many ideas to approach it would you have? Well, kids have plenty and it is so worth to capture it. There will be so much to look at in ten or twenty years time.

      Take a look at some of my favorite images from that family photography session in Bushy Park:

      Family Photography in Bushy Park

      Do you like this family photography at Bushy Park? Are you looking for London family photographer? Or maybe you know someone who would love a photography gift voucher and have a shoot at Bushy Park or anywhere around London? Let us know and contact us. We would be delighted to capture your story and have a bit of laughter with your family.

      The Place of Happiness

      The Place of Happiness

      The Place of Happiness

      Hello and welcome back to our lifestyle blog. This time want to show you something fun.

      The Place of Happiness. Our The Place of Happiness. Museum Be Happy, where everyone is just happy. Don't worry, be happy. Enjoy your life!

      We discovered 'Be Happy Museum' at our last trip to Poland. It was so much fun! We wouldn't think, that entering that kind of place would make happy every single person. It really works. The place of happiness. We fell in love with all the colors and the girls were in heaven.

      Be Happy Museum

      Are you looking for London Family Photographer? Would you like us to capture your happy family? If so, please contact us. We would love to hear your story and capture the place of happiness with you.

      London Female Boudoir Photographer

      London Female Boudoir Photographer

      London Female Boudoir Photographer

      Boudoir photo session can bring out the very best out of every woman. Boudoir photography can be very artistic and creative, but what I really love is to show every aspect of her body that she forgot about on a daily basis.

      Natural Light Photography

      I love natural light. Natural ambient light is the best to keep every photo shoot as intimate as possible and not to loose the momentum, which in that case is so important. My boudoir shoots I like to keep in sensual atmosphere with a pinch of fun.

      Her True Beauty

      The creativity of boudoir photo shoot is endless. You can be anyone you want, but the best is to stay yourself. It is really important to underline your makeup and hair to boost your self-esteem and self-love.

      Would you like to have you pictures taken with above style by female photographer? Are you looking to gift someone a boudoir photoshoot in London and need London female boudoir photographer? Please get in touch and let’s talk about it. Let me show your real beauty.

      Thank you.

      London Female Boudoir Photographer

      Family Portraits During Pandemic

      Fun and Formal Family Portraits During Pandemic

      Family Portraits During Pandemic

      Hello everyone.

      Such a strange times we are living in. As you know we decided to share our daily (almost daily) life at our you tube channel ‘Couple of London’ and today we have decided to organize a family photography session in our garden. Yes, a self portrait session of our family. We can’t really go to any location, so we have decided to do it in our back garden. It was so much fun.

      And guess what? You can do it too. The only thing you need is a tripod (or anything to level the camera), nice wall or backdrop (we have used one of backdrops we use for our studio shoots) and some space. That’s it. Check the video below and see how it went.

      And what do you think? Was it worth to dress up, put all the make ups and change clothes from our casual lounge wear, lol? We think it was well worth it. So, check the full gallery from this day below and try yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

      Formal Portraits

      First will show you formal part of our session. As you seen on the video behind us is the building. But on the pictures it is really not visible. That’s the beauty of the photography.

      Candid Family Photos

      After that we have changed and hit the garden with a casual wear. That was so much relaxed. And as on every shoot candid photos is what we love the most.

      Selfie Shots

      The last thing we did was always trendy selfies! WooHoo! Yes, who doesn’t like great selfie? If someone will tell you, that you can’t take a selfie with a professional camera, just look below. Make sure you use wide angle lens and you are good to go.

      And couple of pictures when Zibi setup the camera. We use here Canon EOS R with Sigma 35mm ART f1.4 lens and simple Neewer light stand. And Wera on the back was keeping great mood during the whole family portraits during pandemic.

      Family Portraits During Pandemic