Advantages of a Short Family Sessions

Is 15 minutes family photo shoot even possible?

We often find excuses not to do something and usually it is a lack of time. Unfortunately, you have to make up some other reason, as I can truly convince you that we are able to take great shoots in only 15 minutes. So why do we need to book an hour or two for session? Well the answer is very simple- to change the nappies, to have a sip of water, grab a snack, have a quick nap, etc. Being a parent, you exactly know how it all works. From the time we have left, we try to squeeze as much as possible and usually the best images are taken within 15 minutes. Sometimes, if we are lucky it is very beginning of the session, so later we just can have coffee, or if you really in a hurry we say goodbye. Otherwise real posing during your time booked is just 15 minutes, so let leave the stress behind. Everyone can survive 15 minutes in front of a camera and give a little bit an effort.

The beautiful family below is the best example of having truly little time, but the time it wasn`t an excuse. It was children, who are very lively, having their own ideas for playing around, getting bored quickly and easily. We were all informed about it before, so we started to work from the minute we met each other at the lakeside. And guess what? Parents know their children the most. 15 minutes later the fuss arrived. With chewing gum bribes, we probably bought another couple of minutes, but that was everything we got.

And what do you think? We are extremely happy from this extra speedy family session. If you think it is not possible, just have a look below. It is a real deal.