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This time the blog post will be a little different than usual. I do have to show you a beautiful family as usual,  but I want to tell you something very important about behind the scenes of the family photo shoots. This should be helpful for the models as well for photographers. Many times we forget that our clients are not aware about preparations for the shoots.

How to organise family photo shoot

Let’s start from the beginning:

1.Choose the right time of the day. If we have family like mine the best option I believe is to stick to morning hours. Usually children age between 2-10 have more energy just after breakfast. Same with us, LOL. The best time is to start not later than 9 o’clock, as we need to avoid harsh sun. Our shoots lasts usually around 2 hours, so it is enough time before they get hungry and tired. When it come to older children and teenagers, evening hours are good as well. The best way is to start some time before golden hour, so you can catch beautiful sunsets and great sky and just basically have great light. Our family started at 9 o’clock and trust me after 2 hours the heat was absolutely manic. There is no way to have this session at noon even when avoiding sun and hiding in the shade.

2.Choose the ideal location. There is no perfect location for children. Sometimes we want to have beautiful views, sea, lake etc, but if you aren’t to fussy about scenery just stick with the location where everyone will be comfortable and safe. We chosen Beckenham Place Park at this time, as it was very well known by them and children felt very comfortable. They knew there is few nice features we can use when taking pictures as well. Don’t forget that children in early years are not very happy sitting in one place for too long. They need to have a space to run and have fun. We don’t really want unhappy faces on our photographs. No mater how beautiful scenery you choose, think first about your children. Will they be safe there? Enough space to have fun? Any shade to hide in case strong sun or sudden rain? Is it crowded or will you have your own space?

3.Wear the right clothes. It is very important you have good clothes both comfortable and good looking. The best colours are blue and green as they are different to any skin tones. Try to avoid skin colour tones, beige, yellow, orange. Our today’s models look great, however if we could change it a bit, darker Dad’s shirt would be perfect.  Make sure you choose outfits to match to certain background. It is good to have at least one change of clothes for children and for yourself. Accidents happen and small dirt is easy to correct but wet trousers or whole shirt not so much.

4.Make up, especially for ladies is essential. I know it might be difficult to convince man to have some powder, but would be great to try. Remember, now days camera can see more that your eyes usually. All the spots, wrinkles, shadows are very visible. It is better to try to cover some and leave less work for photographer.

5.Snacks, drink and accessories. Never ever come for family photo shoot without some snacks to kill little hanger or… to bribe your child. It is essential you have some treats your little once love. There is nothing better than sweets, gums or some crisps to make your children happy.

6.Face wipes and tissues. The most time photographer spend on wiping the noses and cleaning the faces on the screen! Please help us and after the treat remember to wipe the face. The same with runny nose. Trust me it happens to everyone.

Please take a minute and have a look at this colorful session, filled up with great moments as well as children’s joy.

Beckenham Place Park Family Photography

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