Croydon family photographer

Anisha and Rosh stood for the first time in front of our camera, when she was in high pregnacy with her boys. Twins are always massive surprise for parents to be. Especially when it’s your first child. On the top of that scan showed it’s going to be twin boys! Woo hoo! For a family photographer it was pleasure to capture them just before the birth. The excitement was in the air.

Now we met the whole family together. How funny is to watch Rion and Rayshaan playing together. I haven’t seen before twins who are so completely different. I don’t mean only how the look, but the behavior and the character. One is calm and easygoing and the other is the “Boss”. I’m sure it will evaluate with the time. It’s adorable to look at them knowing they have each other forever. How wonderful is to have that feeling.

Anisha and Rosh moved from London to Birmingham some time ago but still chosen us to photograph their beautiful family. We couldn’t be more happier. Thank you for that! Now is the best time for outdoor shoots, long days with beautiful weather.

Children’s photography

Children’s photography is not easy to take, all depends on children’s mood, and basic needs. I prefer to take it easy. Usually we have two hours to capture the moment, sometimes after half an hour I know I have lots of images, which everyone would love to have framed. Then the fun part starts and trust me that’s the time when the best picture are taken. Everyone is relaxed and there is no pressure. We decided to go to Kelsey Park in Croydon and Beckenham area. I absolutely love the place. There are so many possibilities to capture beautiful images. The family looked great! They managed to dress in the same color tone and all looked so natural. Twins are going to be two this year, so they love to discover everything around them. We did miles running after them, lol. I’m really hoping to see them soon again.

Please take a moment and see what we managed to capture. My favorites are the one with ducks, just everyday candid images.

If you are searching for Croydon family photographer let us know. We would love to have a chat and capture your family to freeze this precious moments. Rather than keeping above post for yourselves, share it. It might help someone alot. Many thanks.