Family Portraits During Pandemic

Hello everyone.

Such a strange times we are living in. As you know we decided to share our daily (almost daily) life at our you tube channel ‘Couple of London’ and today we have decided to organize a family photography session in our garden. Yes, a self portrait session of our family. We can’t really go to any location, so we have decided to do it in our back garden. It was so much fun.

And guess what? You can do it too. The only thing you need is a tripod (or anything to level the camera), nice wall or backdrop (we have used one of backdrops we use for our studio shoots) and some space. That’s it. Check the video below and see how it went.

And what do you think? Was it worth to dress up, put all the make ups and change clothes from our casual lounge wear, lol? We think it was well worth it. So, check the full gallery from this day below and try yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

Formal Portraits

First will show you formal part of our session. As you seen on the video behind us is the building. But on the pictures it is really not visible. That’s the beauty of the photography.

Candid Family Photos

After that we have changed and hit the garden with a casual wear. That was so much relaxed. And as on every shoot candid photos is what we love the most.

Selfie Shots

The last thing we did was always trendy selfies! WooHoo! Yes, who doesn’t like great selfie? If someone will tell you, that you can’t take a selfie with a professional camera, just look below. Make sure you use wide angle lens and you are good to go.

And couple of pictures when Zibi setup the camera. We use here Canon EOS R with Sigma 35mm ART f1.4 lens and simple Neewer light stand. And Wera on the back was keeping great mood during the whole family portraits during pandemic.

Family Portraits During Pandemic