Fujifilm x100f hands on review

Have you ever tought if there is anything like the best camera for everyone? The piece of equipment, which would meet everyones needs. Well, we found one. And we took it to Thailand to give it a go.

This camera is setup for you to learn the fundamental of photography when you actually taking photos. If you do not have a camera you might think you can learn photography on any camera. But it is actually NOT true. Shutter speed, ISO and f-stop these are basic settings you have to start to be familiar with. There needs to be easy access to the buttons which take control of the settings mentioned. This camera does that flawlessly. Aperture on the lens is completely manual. That feature gives you the ability to decide how blurry your image is going to be or how much is going to be in focus.

Shutter speed, ISO and f-stop are the key components that make up your photographs. On this camera not only Aperture is manual but also shutter speed and the ISO. It is fantastic! They are located right on the top of the camera, right in front of your eyes on the top plate. To change the shutter speed you just need to change the little dial and to change your ISO you just pinch the same dial up and change your ISO. Just like a film camera ALL your settings are on the outside of the camera, so you can focus on what matters – THE PHOTOGRAPH!

This camera can teach you more about photography than any (almost) other camera ever could. You are forced to think what are you doing while you are doing it.

Just one lens – 23mm f2

The biggest advantage of Fujifilm x100f is the fact, that it does NOT have interchangeable lenses. 23mm f2.0 lens is the only lens you can use and it cannot be taken off. And guess what? It is great little lens! Because of the aps-c sensor this lens act as 35mm full frame equivalent focal length which is far my most favorite focal length all times. Some photographers will not like being limited to just 35mm look lens. I absolutelly LOVE IT because it pushes my creativity. And what this camera teaches is to shoot all the time. Another feature of this camera is build in ND filter – piece of glass that goes over your lens that cuts light out. You can shoot low apertures all day long. And the sensor – it is 24 megapixel camera, shoots 1080p video, shoots 60fps. But for me it is photography camera.

The coolest about this camera are film simulations. Fujifilm packed bunch of real film simulations into this tiny little camera, which gives you that distinctive looking images straight out of the camera. This is so incredible! And you can use it for video too. Our favorite are: Classic Chrome, Acros and Velvia.

Camera for me should be fun enought that you don’t want put it away at all. Fujifilm x100f has distinctive personality. In our age digital cameras shooting same way. We are aiming for cleaner, sharper, high dynamic range,  overall better imagery. But is it what we love in photography? No! That’s why we came back to shooting film and this year we are taking at least two rolls of film for every shoot (one roll of Portra 160 or 400 and one roll of b&w film). The objective of having the camera for everyday use is not having the best camera, it is having a camera you can have with you at all times. And will be reliable to shoot at the time you want. And you do not want to spend time in front of your computer editing. You want to have fun shooting.

We love rangefinder style

Final feature which makes x100f different than rest of the cameras (not all of course, but most affordable ones), is the fact that it is rangefinder camera. What does it mean? It means that when you are looking thru viewfinder you can see not only what will be in your frame but you see what is going on around. It feels alot more real.

Below you will find few pictures from Hua Hin Elephant Village and a little gallery from Bangkok. Photographs were taken with x100f early in the morning just before the flight back to UK, after great adventure we had at Hindu Wedding in Thailand.

Hope you enjoy a little review of that Fujifilm x100f camera. We hope you have enjoyed our litlle morning walk thru busy streets of Bangkok. If you are looking for destination wedding photographer Thailand, please get in touch with us. If you like this post and our images, please share it. It might help us alot. Many thanks.