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I was trilled when I heard Aiden’s parents invited me for his 5th Birthday party. Specially that I was told there will be 24 children to join. What a treat for family photographer! My only concern was the place. The party was organized in the soft play. The lighting inside the venues for children is quite difficult and tricky. There was no option for flash lights around. I wasn’t sure if I’m fit enough as well to run after those little group of little cheeky monkeys, lol. I knew that if I wanted to get great images I would need to go that extra mile.

Once arrived to Gambado Beckenham, my concerned were absolutely true. Lack of natural light as well as high ceilings didn’t help. But hey, few minutes later I found myself like a child again. Lots of beautiful colours around, magical mazes,  slides and extremely loud laughter made a proper party atmosphere! We had a great area with long table, lots of snacks, drinks and surprises to come.

Great Birthday – Great people

Aiden is a big fan of cars, trains and tigers. Parents ordered absolutely amazing birthday cake with little cars on the top! Look at the photos, it was pretty amazing. The main surprise was massive tiger who came to give a high five to our birthday boy! In the meantime all the little guests where running around, driving electric cars and ridding horses on pinky carousel. So you can imagine me chasing them to get those images. It was great idea to give to all the kids blue bracelets, so I could easily  identify them. Birthday boy is a proper model. I didn’t have to say a word and a minute he saw me with a camera he was sold. Thank you for that Aiden. It really made my work easier, lol.

As a children photographer it was my first experience to be on the job in the soft play. I really found it amusing as well. Great idea for birthday party and unforgettable moments to capture.  Please have a look on my gallery I’m posting today. It wasn’t easy to pick just few images. Kids are great in their favorite environment, so the pictures look really natural. Lots of happiness and smiles. Thank you for that! I look forward to have more such a great clients.

Beckenham Birthday Photographer

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