Greenwich Family Photographer London

This time we had great family living near Greenwich Park in London. The location choice was great, however one of the most popular places and tourists attraction on the weekends. Especially when the weather was absolutely stunning. I want to tell you this time little more about the light. This kind of session was very tricky. We met late afternoon but sun was still very high and really strong. There is only one tip for this kind of weather – open shade. As you can see on few pictures, we used trees to create some shade. Where photographed family could rest a bit on the bench.

I’m usually quite negative about sun glasses, however this time it was great prop for the pictures.  Aiden wanted to look exactly like his dad, so both wore them most of the time. Strong sun is not friend of family photographer unfortunately . People usually tent to create more wrinkles on the faces than usual, lol. Most of the time they can’t even open their eyes.  We started our little journey from the top of the park with the stunning views over the Canary Wharf and The City. My assistant instead of holding equipment, was trying to make some space without people around. Made me laugh so much as this is rather impossible job do there. Later we moved down between the tries to catch some open shade. Great choice for children to feel themselves. Our last location was bench and enormous pillars near The University of Greenwich.  I do love the summer, specially beautiful sunsets but can’t wait for autumn to arrive! British weather really surprised us all this year ! LOL