How to prepare for the boudoir session

Being sexy means different things to each woman, to me it means being confident in yourself and what you are doing. You want to own everything you do and believe in yourself.

Prepare your skin

Make sure you do not eat anything , that could cause spots or pimples a few days before the shoot. Also refresh your skin, do some peelings, facials, etc. And hydrate a lot. It is really important for your skin, not only when you prepare for the boudoir session. On the day make sure you drink water from the morning and eat a light snack before the shoot.

Clothing to choose for boudoir session

Clothing – you want to wear something that you are going to be comfortable in. So, if any of your body part is your favorite, focus on those that you love the most. You want to pick an outfit, that is going to bring out that special body part or body parts, that you love and feel most comfortable with. Colors – all of the colors will pick in the camera a lot more than it gonna be in person. Reds gonna be much redder, blues gonna be more intensive, etc. The same with patterns, try to avoid crazy patterns. All of those things will not be flattering in photos. I like to stick with neutral and dark colors.

Boudoir make-up

Make-up – when it comes to make-up, you want to go a little bit heavier with your make-up. There is such a bright light usually during the sessions and if you go to light on your make-up is gonna to end up washing you out. You want to be able to see that contour or fuller lip or longer lashes. So make sure you go a tiny bit heavier than you would normally do. That way your make-up photographs really pretty but flawless and still shows up. Also make sure that your nails are done. Whatever are plain or painted, make sure they are not chipped. And don’t forget about your toes.

When it come to photo shoot make-up, no matter how good you are, I always recommend to let professional make-up artist to do your make-up. You have to trust me on this one.

Location of the boudoir session

When it comes down to location, let your photographer to choose one. For the boudoir shoot, you need plenty of light, so the bedrooms with big windows are always first choice. If you don’t have one at home, hotel bedrooms are always great. A bonus will be large windows with airy sheer. It gives that soft light and a little bit more intimacy to every boudoir session. Lately I love The One Aldwych Hotel in central London. Airy, bright and very clean looking bedrooms are just perfect.

I like to keep it fun

I think you really want to keep it fun when it comes to your boudoir session. There is so many things we are worried about, when it comes to stripping down in front of someone. Whatever you doing the session for yourself or for your spouse, it doesn’t really matter. Just keep it fun, feel confident, maybe have a little glass of champagne. It takes a few shots to get there, but when you gonna look back at those pictures you gonna say: ‘I look good’.

Take a look at a boudoir session I did lately with Sandra:

How to prepare for the boudoir session

I hope you find some useful tips in my guide about how to prepare for the boudoir session. It is always an amazing experience. Please let me know if you are looking for female London boudoir photographer. I would love to have a chat with you and see how I can help you.

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