Lakeside family photography

Having such a great summer we couldn’t miss beautiful sunsets. When you think about lakeside family shoot, there is nothing better than golden hour light at the sunset. Sometimes it is a bit tricky, as at this time of the year golden hour comes quite late. Usually at this time little people are already in a deep sleep. However, I’m sure we can treat them a bit with late nap or some extra sugar which will keep them awake a little bit longer, lol. I was double lucky this time, as I had beautiful family with two little girls and not only had sunset shoot but as well as scenic location.  It was really very spontaneous session and trust me or not last half an hour only!

Anna is my very good friend and we planned weekend away at the Lakes together. We had a great cottage to stay which is owned by other great friend of mine! I’m sure you are thinking now – lucky doll! Lol, you are completely right. So once we had a great time, I literally looked at the sky and screamed with lots of passion: look how beautiful, let’s create some great portraits right now. Seriously, they were ready in 10 minutes. I’m sure if we went half an hour later we wouldn’t have any sunset on the pictures. We always talk alot  about the light because it is one of the most important factor once thinking about great photography. Our skin, the water, scenery look amazing when the time of the day is right.

We do recommend to give a try and take your little monkeys for golden hour family photo session. Images literally look like beautiful paintings. Take a minute and see our recent work below.