Lifestyle family shoot

Whoever knows me a bit can easily tell black and white are my favorites images. I find this vintage style family photography as timeless. This kind of photography gives unique and more dramatic look. I can easily say that everyone looks good on black and white images. This family which decided to go ahead for that style has own very good taste. The way they look is perfect for that photography. It was great idea as the weather was far from perfect. Sometimes you can find beautiful scenery but the cloudy sky and completely lack of sun makes colours very pale. That is why black and white style can bring more character to lifestyle family photography. I do love them as well for not being perfect. Sometimes out of focus, a bit blurry or grainy images look extremely amazing.

Love black and white photography

Everytime I go through my own pictures from our own family albums, I can feel this mystery. People are the most important on them. All the memories are brought through the faces. No one need colours to express the feelings and freeze the moments. My own children have most of the pictures in black and white style. I really hope they will appreciate it one day.  The last think which is great about this style of photography is that any skin imperfections are less visible in black and white. Our faces look much better, natural and more flattering. That is good tip for people who avoid the pictures in general just because of that. Rather than coloru, go for black and white portraits and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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