London Birth Photographer

To witness a brand new life coming to the world is absolutely priceless. To be trusted and be invited to witness that event with someone else is even more special. That’s why I think photography is so amazing.

Few weeks back we photographed a The Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding. At that time Lizzy and Dylan was expecting a baby. Yes, bride was nine months pregnant, so we were even more excited for new baby to come. Few days after a wedding I received a message, that little baby boy Dante has arrived and happy parents would love to have photographs of their brand new family. Without further questions I grabbed a camera (and few more bits and bobs) and rushed to St Thomas Hospital in Westminster.

Young and proud parents were looking rather great and were ready to be photographed. How I adore those candid moments between those three humans. And just take a look at those little happy feet.

I always try to convince every parents to have their family photographed and not only due to the fact, that I am photographers. As a London birth photographer I think every moment counts and every time is good to freeze our memories to last forever.

Please see below few from the images, which has been taken on that afternoon. We wish All The Best to the lovely parents and happy Baby Dante.

London Birth Photographer

Are you looking for London Birth Photographer? Contact me please. I would be delighted to capture your amazing story while brand new addition to the family is born. Do you like the pictures above? If so, share it please. It might help someone who is looking for London Birth Photographer. Thank you.