London Family Photography

Usually I meet my families in the parks, woods or other nice and family friendly outdoor. Mainly because it is safe and pleasant for children. During the summer I am lucky as well with beautiful seaside scenery which looks amazing on the photographs. Even I’m located very close to London I do not have many families asking to shoot in the city. This time was different. My last family used to live very central London and wanted to have their memorable places to capture. As a family photographer in one hand I was so excited to photograph in London and the other hand I was nervous as little chicken, lol. You might be laughing but it is not easy to get good shoots in central London, especially in August, beautiful Sunday, sunny and hot day. If you have ever been to London, you know how busy and overcrowded capital it is. There is usually a massive wave of tourists swimming through the town. How challenging it is!!! So being me- no worries, let’s crack on in London – I said. Thankfully I have planned everything in advance. We booked two hours, knowing I will have two seven years old girls which is maximum of time we probably manage.

We started on Tower bridge, where at early 9 o’clock was still quite empty, we rushed through the bridge to Tower of London. Was told by the serious guard we are not allowed to have photographs there, as the whole property belongs to Queen. So, unless we have permission from her, we needed to move on. Obviously, I had not enough time to see her Majesty to ask for permission, so we basically moved on to another spot. There is little tiny park with benches just 3 minutes’ walk from Tower which was empty, and we could take some funny family shoots and have some break for coffee. Next stop was Saint Dunstan’s in the East Church Garden, where I promised my little models some magic. Oh, I still haven’t introduced them to You- so it was Jessie and Ella, beautiful twin sisters. OMG, so much energy in these two little bodies, lol. Despite hot weather and early start, these two were full of power. Once finished in secret London location I really thought I will push the boundaries to walk to Millennium Bridge, but hey ho- no problem at all! I seriously was getting little tired, but Girls injected some gummy bears and secret powers came alive. On the top op that I promised some beach sand in the central London, so excitement touched the roof!! Well I think it was one of the nicest and most joyful sessions I have ever done! The ideas of posing were coming one after another from my little models. I end up with millions shoots and headache to choose which one to edit. Since that day I have to say London is on my top list for the scenery, even though I still believe it is one of the trickiest spots ever. If you ready for challenge, security chase and some other adventures let me know and I am happy to crack on with my family photo-shooting experience and take you for a walk through the secret London!

London Family Photography

What do you think of this London Family Photography? Do you like it? Does it appeal to you? What would you say to have such a shoot every season? I think memories are priceless. I think, that time is running so fast, that the only way to preserve our priceless memories, is to freeze them of photographs.

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