Mayfield Lavender family photography

We have been millions of times at Mayfield Lavender Farm. It is located only 20 minutes drive away from our house. Every year we talk about that place a lot, always spending there whole day. When it comes middle of July we are ready to explore it. Our two daughters absolutely adore this place.

We always start our day with brilliant and refreshing lavender lemonade and lavender biscuits. This time was no different! Trying to avoid weekends with girls is hard, however since older goes to school we have not much of a choice. We knew it is going be crowded, but it didn’t discourage us to have a great time. We bought one of the bouquets made from lavender, sat on the bench with lemonade and made simple floral headbands. On this trip we took grandparents, as they were visiting us at this time. They knew a lot about place but never  had a chance to see.

Wera and Pola as usual took part in a competition to find little bugs which eat the flowers and collect them in the glass jars provided by owners. This is very entertaining exercise which allowed them to explore a lot. On the top of that girls had grandad to join the game. So much fun we had on that day. Maybe it was us or maybe it was the place but each time we are in Mayfield Lavender Farm there is a wonderful weather. As being family photographer i couldn’t resist and take some great family shots, especially with grandparents. Absolutely amazing memories to freeze.

Lifestyle photography

I do love Mayfield Lavender Farm for the smell, colours and peace you can find there. I do always recommend to come and see this beautiful place.

Can’t wait for the next summer- see you next year Mayfield Lavender Farm. Love you.

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