Planning a Birthday party for your one year old

I am so lucky that my job as a London family photographer encompasses so many different things – from fun in the parks, through intimate family parties and big family and friends’ occasions. I was absolutely thrilled to meet Zayd and his family to celebrate his first birthday. It was a huge privilege to be part of his big day and capture precious moments.

Hena contacted me via my Instagram, which recently has been the most common way to book the sessions with me. She asked for the family photography on her son`s first birthday party. On that moment I had no idea that the party size will be something like small wedding. Lol. Having photography experience in big parties like wedding I was thrilled to be a part of that beautiful event.

It was such a joy to meet Zayd and his family, his parents, his grandparent, his aunties, his cousins and all his friends. I do hope that when he looks back on these pictures as an adult, he will enjoy seeing the fun everyone had on this special day.

It was amazing party organized in Venue 28 in Beckenham. The beautiful building is located in the heart of Beckenham near Beckenham Spa and has couple of rooms to choose with amazing catering possibilities.  Hena was a master of planning and she had put so much thoughts into the event – from decorations which she hand made to the entertainment by incredible Leonie`s Funtastic Faces with her artistic face paint. Her ideas gained not only children but as well adults. Trust me she hardly had time for a sip of water. Zayd`s mum easily could run successful event company. Everything in the room was perfectly planned and organized. They decided to have wild animals’ theme with mix of beautiful colours.

From the entrance first thing which gathered our eyes was cake table made by Madison Cakes. Everything was personalized and matched the decorations. I probably took thousands of pictures only of that amazing cake. On the top of that, it was delicious! Having over twenty children at the party, I was really surprised no one tried some of these sweets before dinner, lol. Talking about food I must mention, that catering for dinner was provided by Spice Village. Oh, so good and spicy! Next to the cake you could find printed board with Zayd`s details and achievements. Fantastic first birthday party idea. Massive well done Hena.

At the party there was as well little soft play area for the youngest guests. There were bags of treats for children as well as jars of goods  for adults. Brilliant idea for those who had some longer drive home.

This time on this blog post you could find few tips for the perfect first birthday party. What is actually important, is the people and atmosphere they create. Do not forget about that. Make sure you create warm, joyful and pleasant time for yourself, your baby and all the guests.

Meeting Zayd`s family gave me the feeling lke I have known them for many years. I got wonderful welcome and I hope to meet them again on some other family occasion.

Lots of o Love and Happy Birthday Zayd, thank you for letting me share this wonderful day with you.