Surrey Baby Photographer

The idea for family and baby photography came actually from our wedding clients. We often hear how beautiful pictures we have taken of our daughters and our newly weds once having babies contact us to arrange such a shoots. So we thought why not to try!

Today’s beautiful model is Matilda – four months old GORGEOUS baby girl! I absolutely fell in love with her eyes and big smile. I think I choose the most difficult age of child for start, LOL. Arms, legs, head everything was in the move. To freeze some special moments Mum had to make lots of exercises and funny faces! Despite all the magic and extreme jumps I think I actually did very well. I’m really proud of myself and what is the most important parents are extremely happy with the set of images we created!

Thank you for your trust! Baby Matilda after two hours session slept for ages. Seriously tiring job she had. Definitely more to come on our blog from family photography, baby shoots and hopefully new baby borns!

If you are looking for Surrey Baby Photographer, Kent, Essex and London please contact us. Rather than waiting for your kids to grow up, freeze the memories. Time flies so fast. This moments are so precious and priceless. Give us a call or send an email using contact form. If you like this post, share with your friends. It might help us or someone. All props used in that shoot been hand made. We love Hobby Craft. Many thanks.