Surrey Family photographer

I find the most challenging to photograph children in age between 5 and 12. Mostly because it so much depend on the factor how they feel in the particular moment. If they are hungry, not in the right mood or decided to make silly poses only, LOL. So I think the best idea is to take them to environment, which they are familiar with. The place where they can feel free and enjoy themselves.

As a Surrey family photographer, I am massive fan of lifestyle photography. For me to catch the moments is the most fun. When you can see kids running around, laughing and joking, you know there will be great shots. Of course it all depends on many circumstances like weather, weather , weather.. lol. So not always we can do family shoot outdoor.

Toghether with our family friend, Mrs K, we have chosen South Norwood Country Park for their outdoor shoot. The idea was to have nice family pictures as well as some portraits. Only if our full of joy bunch will allowed, of course. How lucky we were with the weather! Sunny, hot and beautiful afternoon. The place was just perfect. Boys and girls enjoyed themselves, not forgetting little family friend – dog Fifi. I have to admit it was easy to capture Mrs K family as all of them are beautiful and full of energy. I am really happy with the outcome from that day. We managed to catch few really nice portraits which are absolutely stunning.

If you thinking of keeping some memories with your close family please contact us. We are happy to spend couple of hours with you and catch the precious moments. Every age of your children and yourselves is worth to freeze in beautiful frames. There will be a moment in your life when you happily take your family photo albums and tell your grandchildren about precious moments from your life.

A day in the life photography