Surrey maternity photography

Any good excuse is great to meet your girlfriends! When it happens that one of them is pregnant, this is another reason to have quality time together. There will be a driver to take you home for sure, lol. Monika is the last one from the team to be a mum. All the girls at the baby shower party already experienced the joy of motherhood. You only can imagine how many tips, advice and adventures were shared on that party! While Monika was celebrating her baby shower, her girlfriends had secret weekend break from being a mum. Whoever is reading this blog post and is a mother, knows what I’m talking about, lol.

The weekend was planned at the fantastic hotel with spa, where everyone could relax and enjoy the party. We had great food served and great evening time out. When the girls meet there is never quiet. Never ending subjects to discuss. The long conversations would make me almost forgot to take some photos, lol. I love to get involved as well and be part of the lovely bunch. In the gallery below you will find some maternity images which literally took us half an hour to create. I love this spontaneous shoots. I do believe that way we can deliver the best imagery. If you are thinking of saving some precious memories, just simply send me a text, drop a line or give a call. The size of the party and a venue doesn’t matter It is the people, who make the atmosphere.

Monika’s baby shower