It was such a pleasure to photograph this young families. I remember those three mornings. We were playing with leaves and running around creating some priceless moments. It is a gorgeous time of the year when nature becomes multicolored and sunlight is so warm and low, and everything shines. Every family shoot is different. But there are always two things in common – smile and laughter. That two factors I always try to get out from my clients to create atmosphere of friendship and fun. To be able to go thru the session and capture natural beauty my clients need to forget that there is a girl with the camera. They need to know that I am part of the family, a friend who is there with them to have fun, to celebrate their happiness.

Three stories below were shot at the same time of the day – I just adore morning sun, the light at this time is simply perfect. Even I am not a morning person at all, getting up for a shoot is so rewarding, that I am extremely happy to do so.

Here are a few of my favourite frames, enjoy! If you like them, let me know.

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I just LOVE the colours of Autumn

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