Venice Wedding Photographer

Everyone deserves for a break. So do we! This time was a special occasion, our 10th wedding anniversary. We really never plan any trips much in advance and really always pick a destination spontaneously! We knew, we have only long weekend off, so ideally it would be somewhere in Europe with a short distance flight. It was September, so still nice and warm weather. We decided to go to Venice. Everyone say that few days trip is more than enough to visit this beautiful old city.

Once I said loud where we were going, few friends straight gathered to come with us! Love to travel with friends specially on short break. It is always so much fun!  This time was exactly the same. Cheeky friends knew, that if they go along with wedding photographers they would come back with lots of great shots! LOL!

Karolina always buys guide (yes, old school book, which you can take with you and read where to go, where to eat, etc) and make lots of notes before we go. It is very helpful, especially on the beginning so we don’t struggle to find a place to stay. Later is a different story…

We always want to see the most but once we blend with locals we just go with the flow. Love to experience places from their point of view. And we couldn’t forget about the food! The best pizza we had we did eat on the pavement by the canal with glass of the red wine and a pint! What a great time and sooo relaxing.

Fantastic about this place is that everywhere you go, it is close to your accommodation! Every corner is different and it is so easy to get lost! Absolutely loved that. Lots of tiny bridges, lovely restaurants and old buildings. We managed even to wake up for sun rise. Wedding photographers habit I guess LOL.

Public transport as an alternative to walking is precious. We did go as well to see sister island called Murano. That was a brilliant idea, never seen so many colors in such a tiny place. Atmosphere was magical. We did see alot but I’m sure still missed lots of places. But never regret as we know one day we come back to experience more. We would love to shoot a wedding in venice or organise an engagement shoot there.

As a destination wedding photographers we can advise you to take any trip very easy, slowly, and try to blend with local atmosphere. Not everything must by the book. That is how we like to travel. This is how we do it. Can’t wait for another gateway break!

Venice wedding photographer

If you are still looking for your destination wedding photographer London, do get in touch. We do love to travel with you wherever your story will take us. Many thanks.