October is a Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.  In 1992, Evelyn Lauder created the pink ribbon and launched The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign, recognizing an urgent need to bring breast cancer to the forefront and put a spotlight on this world health issue.  At the time, breast cancer was still a taboo topic. Today, the pink symbolizes hope, strength, and unity for many.

Think before You Pink….

Think before You wear it pink. Every woman can easily be a victim of breast cancer. There is no guarantee it is not going to be you. There is no medicine to prevent it, no healthy food and healthy style of life. This is hidden disease that a target any of us. The only real prevent is to check out or breast on routine basis.  For many of us it is still uncomfortable and stressful experience.

Unfortunately, it is YOU and only you who can make the difference. There are many different supporters out there to help you. If you struggle to ask your GP for diagnosis, start with your friend, sister, mother, helpline or simply google for some encouragement.

You are not alone.

What is the most important, if you check early enough it is treatable. My todays model Cecil went through difficult chemotherapy and while the pictures were taken was just few days before her operation. I know the operation went well and she is recovering now. She wears it pink… As you can read from her smile, she has never given up. It is still plenty of time for her on this world.  She is a perfect example of beautiful Survival. With the help from her close family and friends we managed to create these beautiful portraits.

We wanted to SAY TO YOU – do not be afraid to go for the check-up, do not be afraid to go through difficult and painful treatment, do not be afraid of loosing your hair, do not be afraid to tell your dearest how you feel.


Wear it Pink

Below you can find few links where you can find help.

NHS: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/breast-cancer/living-with

Macmillan Cancer Support: https://www.macmillan.org.uk/

Breast Cancer Now: https://breastcancernow.org/information-support/support-you

Book you might be interested:  ‘From Cancer to Wellness: The Forgotten Secrets’ https://amzn.to/31l7vYJ