Live Streaming Your Wedding

Crazy times we live in right now.

Why would you decide to stream your wedding live online? Well, there could be several reasons and let me show you why live streaming your wedding is so popular right now and I think it will be even more popular:

Some of your wedding guests can’t attend your wedding – live streaming your wedding would be very good solution to make them part of your wedding day. If some of your dearest are forced to stay home (there could be number of reasons) they could see and hear everything from the comfort of their home in high quality. Of course it is not the same experience, but it might be the only way for them to be there with you.

Some of your guests are facing travel restrictions or are shielding – for those who live in the countries with travel restrictions it may be difficult or impossible to attend your wedding. They would like to travel but it is not advised for them to do so or the travelling outside their countries is banned at all. Live streaming your wedding would be perfect solution for them to stay home without risking their health or the health of others.

You plan small wedding but still want people to see your wedding ceremony – some couples plan small weddings, but still want to showcase their weddings to their dearest friends and family. Way of seeing their wedding ceremony on popular platform like Facebook or Youtube as a private stream is a solution they could do it. Going for such a live stream give them the option of showing just a wedding ceremony or way more. Some couples go for that as a way of keeping the event as intimate as possible.

No matter what, if you decide to live streaming your wedding make sure the connection is private and share the link only with the people you want to see your big day.

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Live streaming your wedding

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