London Elopement

“My wife and I eloped and honeymooned in London. We had Couple of London photograph us the second day we were there. It was a joy and really set the tone for our entire trip. Our photographer was professional as well as a lot of fun and knew his way around the city. It was a pleasure to enjoy the day sightseeing as well as having a professional take photos of us that we will cherish forever.
We were fortunate enough to have two sessions, one in the morning and one later that evening. It was a fun time just to go around the city with our photographer. We felt like a little bit of celebrities as people watched us being photographed, however we felt as if we were in our own little world at the same time.
A couple days later we received some preview photos and they were stunning. It really started to make the vacation feel like it was just about the two of us on our honeymoon and captured us in a way we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see. We discussed our photos the rest of the trip and were drawn closer together.
Once we received our entire collection we were amazed! It truly was worth it and we immediately began making plans for collages and framed canvases and all sorts of ways to decorate our home with our new set of pictures together.
When we returned home I must have showed everyone our set of professional photographs in London. Everyone was surprised and excited at how beautiful our trip was. It was a great experience. We have these photos all over our house and will enjoy the rest of our lives.
I highly recommend using Couple of London if you are looking for a photographer. It’s everything you would expect and more! When we go back to London we will definitely book them again and integrate this as a part of our vacation. I hope you will too. Happy travelling!”

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This story is a little different. It is a story of two people in love, who wanted to celebrate each other only by themselves. It is a story of London elopement.

Imagine, you just got married and want to spend time only with your favorite human. Imagine of coming to London, city of romance, from the other side of the globe. This is how those two celebrated their marriage. Yes, married in Florida 24 hours earlier, came to London. Waking up at ‘silly o’clock’ just to reach London Bridge for the sunrise was a bit of a challenge for them, but it was worth every effort.

Michele and David, she has been here before, he came for the first time and loved London from the first sight.

We absolutely love and enjoy documenting connection and joy on the streets of London with beautiful couple photos. As a London wedding photographers we have so many occasions for that.

Being a elopement photographer in London is always a great pleasure. London is one of our favourite cities for wedding photography. It has a beautiful atmosphere, gorgeous architecture and amazing vibe which always make for great backdrops to wedding photos. It also has a unlimited number of beautiful wedding venues. This city is just perfect for an elopement. The day was captured in an unobtrusive, documentary style, as usual wanted to capture raw emotions and connection between two people. I let them to have fun and enjoy.

We had so much fun together. They absolutely adore each other and owned the UK capital this day. It was and honour and a great pleasure to be with them on that day and capture that elopement in London.

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London Elopement

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