Notting Hill Engagement Shoot

Who doesn’t know Notting Hill hands up? Of course, that is the one of the most desired spots in London. I can’t believe we haven’t shoot there before.  So, here we are. Notting Hill is known for being a cosmopolitan and multicultural neighborhood, hosting the annual Notting Hill Carnival and Portobello Road Market.

Denia and Rob, still not as famous as Notting Hill, however really getting there. Probably you are curious whatI am talking about. To call them celebrities, it is a bit to far too, lol, but they were definitely up to a brilliant idea and launched Instagram profile called @KissYouHere. So this magical couple travel around the world and post the pictures kissing each other in beautiful places. How cool is that!!! Denia is originally from Greece and Rob is English. Absolute mixture of energy, smile, great sense of humor and what is the most important LOVE!! How easy was to photograph them but was tricky to stop them kissing all the time. Kidding of course.

Denia chosen the place as she is flower lover. Now in Notting Hill you can experience full blossom. How great was to see Denia’s outfit matching the atmosphere! This girl is absolutely package!! Full of joy and ideas! Thanks god, Rob is a little bit more down the earth, lol. They are perfect match. Couple of hours was enough to love them to the bits. We had a great time walking through Portobello Market and stopping at cool spots. I think we all agree that the best shot we took was near Electric Cinema. The kisses over there were proper electric!

Just Kiss Me

Denia and Rob we wish you all the best. Hopefully you tick all the bucket places on your traveling list. If you find some special place for special moment give us a call and we happily come over to freeze that moment for you. Thank you again for trusting us and keep being the way you are.

And you readers, we have a last message for you today –  just KEEP CALM AND KISS!