Denia and Rob were waiting for this day almost forever. And finally their dream came true. The day they got married was just perfect. They couldn’t ask for better weather – we are in London in the end as you know – and to enjoy the most, they had their dearest next to them. What else would you imagine to have on your Wedding Day? Well, I tell you later. Because they wanted more and they definitely got it.

Every London wedding is an unique event for us. Our history with Denia and Rob was written some time ago and we knew, that their London wedding at The Old Marylebone Town Hall is just a warm up. It was an event they called ‘English Wedding’, which was supposed to be their legal ceremony. The big wedding was to come a little later this year. And yes, they did it. September 2021 was the month, when they travelled to Greece to have the Wedding of their DREAMS.

Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Video