Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photography

Amazing Wedding Story of Britta and Assad at the best West London Wedding Venue Pembroke Lodge, located in the heart of the Richmond Park.

How to start? I don’t really know. So much happened there and day was so short. Well, let’s start from the beginning.

Day started in two different locations. While Britta was getting ready at her dad’s house at Wimbledon, Assad was getting ready with his boys at their apartment in Canary Wharf. At both locations you could feel cultural influence – Britta’s Estonian roots and Assad’s Mauritian kind of exotic feel. Boys were relaxed, while girls were rushing as usual, lol.

Once they have been almost ready, Assad arrived to Britta’s dad house for traditional Estonian pre-wedding games. That was so much fun. They needed to plant their first ever tree and after that change nappy to their brand new baby (of course that was a large size doll, but so realistic). They did well and guess who had the most fun? Britta’s dad of course.

Where is Pembroke Lodge in London located?

The wedding venue: Pembroke Lodge is West London wedding venue. Out of all wedding venues located in this part of London, Pembroke Lodge has few unique features: it is located in Richmond Park, one of the most iconic London’s parks, what gives lots of wedding photography opportunities as well as adds great vibe to the wedding itself.

The Wedding dress: We were absolutely stunned, how amazing Britta looked. Just have a look at this gorgeous wedding dress from Lusan Mandongus. Or check those jealous looks of other females who attend their wedding. Absolutely priceless.

Wedding traditions can be so different and so surprising. While we had bride originally from Estonia and groom from Mauritius, we could expect for everything to happen. So, very first thing Estonian part of guests showed their presence at the wedding reception by shouting “kibe!” (bitter) from time to time. Every time they did it, bride and groom has to kiss big time. Of course Mauritian part picked up instantly showing big love to bride. From exotic side we had wild music “sega”, with such a cool dancing. All (including us) came together and dance until midnight.

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We will come back to the venue itself with a bit of explanation what happened where. So, the grandest room called The Belvedere hosted civil ceremony and wedding breakfast. This room is so flexible, can be turn into larger or smaller depends on the requirements. After wedding ceremony all moved into The Soane Room for cocktails. This room has got access to the outside grounds, so perfect for guests mingling. While we were there, The Belvedere was setup for wedding breakfast. It was done quick and efficient and all could go there straight after cocktail hour.

Why family photos are important at your Wedding Day?

Grand entrance of newly weds, wedding breakfast and speeches went absolutely brilliant. We love that part of the wedding. Speeches always are creative and fun. Straight after that, all went outside for coffees, photo booth and group family pictures, which we always recommend to take. This is the part which most of the newly weds would like to skip, but after years that is the best thing they have from the wedding day – family photographs. Please, do not forget to do that at your wedding.

There is a story in every story

Last part of the wedding – first dance, father and bride dance, wedding games and of course crazy dance floor moves, which we all love.

WE NEVER GO HOME AFTER THE FIRST DANCE – THERE IS SO MUCH ACTION. The dance floor was full thanks to live band – The Danceroom Fillers. Cool boys.

What if it rains on my Wedding Day? Do you do wedding photos in the rain?

Last thing we would like to mention is the weather. We do love British weddings. We do love British weather as well. It can be great forecast, it can be great morning, fantastic during wedding ceremony and once you want to go out to have amazing pictures taken can rain a lot. That was the case on this particular day. Well, what you can do? Just enjoy. You can’t plan it, you can’t change it. You can take it as it is and enjoy or … Well, Britta and Assad did what they could best – they took the most out of their best day in their life. Check our Pembroke Lodge wedding photography below.

Why we recommend Pembroke Lodge Wedding Venue in London?

And many thanks to Nelson. He is the man behind all your wedding day once you decide to get married at Pembroke Lodge. He knows what he is doing.

Many thanks to:

Venue: Pembroke Lodge

Wedding dress: Lusan Mandongus

Flowers: Dawn Jennings

Make up: Carol Sulston

Hair stylist: Caroline Jared

Chairs: Host with Style

Menus/signs: Shuly Jaffri

Wedding cake: Ivan Boutique Cakes

Band: The Danceroom Fillers

Photography and Videography: Couple of London

Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photography

Are you thinking to have your wedding at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park? Did you like above Pembroke Lodge wedding photography? Maybe you are on a search for Richmond wedding photographer? If yes, contact us. Let’s meet for coffee at Pembroke Lodge and discuss your story. If you like the Pembroke Lodge wedding photography above share it please. This might help someone. Many thanks.