Primrose Hill Surprise Proposal in London

How cool is that? Primrose Hill is one of those locations in London you want to be back all over again. And once I knew, that Kishan is planning surprise marriage proposal at Primrose Hill I was so happy! He plan to propose at sunset and sunsets in London could be great if the weather turns out nicely. I knew, if Reetika will say YES, the sunset at Primrose Hill will be brilliant. Just take a look at this surprise marriage proposal setup prepared by The One Romance London Proposal Planners.

Where is Primrose Hill in London located?

Primrose Hill is located in North London just outside of North side of Regents Park. With its amazing views Primrose Hill is one of the best location if you are thinking to see the whole London panorama view. It is great spot for surprise marriage proposal in London, for great picnic or for a walk with an amazing London views.

How to organize Primrose Hill surprise proposal in London?

The possibilities are countless and you can’t go wrong with any of them I guess. The place is amazing and just Primrose Hill views will make your partner to say YES! If you want to go a little further, make sure you have a little help to prepare your perfect spot. And while doing that, do not forget an umbrella. Great British weather is unpredictable, so you need to be a couple of steps ahead.

Where to go for a drink to celebrate Primrose Hill surprise proposal?

After your partner will say YES just go for a stroll down the Primrose Hill. Just outside you will find a little High Street Regent’s Park Road with small bars and restaurants. You will find there large choice of amazing and cosy places to celebrate your engagement.

Where to take engagement photos at Primrose Hill?

Engagement couple photos at Primrose Hill is absolutely a must to do once your partner say yes. The views over London, the ambient and pretty much always amazing light are the reasons your pictures will be brilliant every time. The best time to take engagement photos at Primrose Hill is one or two hours before sunset and go into the sunset creating amazing engagement images. Once the sun is going down the atmosphere the light is creating is incredible. Golden hour at Primrose Hill is one of the best in London due to the position of the hill itself. Every time of the year engagement photos at Primrose Hill will be the best.

Night engagement photos at Primrose Hill in London

What about night shoot? Do you like it? Just after the sun go down and the weather stays nice, the sky will turn blue or even purple and that’s the time for few photos. So do not rush, take time and enjoy great engagement photos in London.

Primrose Hill Surprise Proposal in London

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