Romantic Proposal in London

The day Triv wanted to propose to Iris started with a massive rain. I was praying not to receive a message/call from him with a cancellation.

Once the cruise started, the weather turned to be brilliant. When we approached London Eye, I said like a proper tour guide  “well, on the right London Eye”. That was a trigger for Triv, this was his moment. That was all about those two. He went on his knee and asked. And guess what?


Why Do You Need a Photographer For Your Proposal?

You need a photographer for your proposal to capture all the memories, the moment and the emotions. Of course, you could take a selfie, but do you really want to remember your proposal and that she said yes with just a simple selfie. Definiatelly a discreet photographer, who can be a little invisible is a must.

What Is The Best Time of the day to Propose?

It is great to propose during breakfast. It will be a surprise for sure. To propose in the night is even better – imagine this fantastic sky full of stars. But the PERFECT time for proposal is Golden Hour, which is the time around one hour before the start of the sunset. Just take a look at that amazing pictures. The moment, the emotions and this fantastic light – sun setting at the River Thames. Simply Love It!

The Perfect Moment is Now!

Exactly, don’t wait. Just do it. Do not overthink it. Your partner probably is waiting and the perfect moment is now! Be brave. I know it takes a lot, but it is sooooo worth it. You will see.


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Romantic Proposal in London

Are you looking for a perfect moment to propose in London? Thinking of having your proposal to be secretly captured by a London proposal photographer? If so, contact us. We would love to chat with you about your romantic proposal plans.