Save The Date

Is it really that important? Is it popular at all? And, what exactly ‘save the date‘ is?

So, you are engaged and you thinking of getting married? Congratulations. What are the next steps? How to organize a wedding? Well, first of all you need to know when you will get married. Am I right? Well, the wedding date is very important. Otherwise you, your guests and all suppliers will not know what is going on. So, you have a wedding date and you can’t wait tell everyone. But how to do it? And when to do it?


And that’s where the problems stars. But, what is the problem? You are getting married and it is your day, right? You will organize this day as you dreamed all life and you invite your best friends and closest family. So, what is the big deal? Well, you need to let them know that you are getting married and you need to do it right. Once creating your wedding guests list, you need to consider who your guests are, what is their lifestyle and where they will travel from. Do they live next door? Or maybe they will travel from Australia, Canada or Ecuador? Well, you might not really know what their commitments are, how much time they need to book their time off or sort out vacations to come for your dream wedding. That’s why ‘save the date‘ has been invented.

Save the date is a formal or not formal short information about possible wedding in the nearer or further future. Can be done really formally like sending personalized cards with particular date and place (which can be changed and/or amended). The purpose of ‘save the date’ is to give a heads up to your nearest and dearest, that you are planning to get married and they will be invited. If the venue is booked and you put deposit down, it might be very wise to let your future wedding guests, that they need to book time off work, their plane tickets or might consider moving their planned vacations.

There is one more reason why you might consider sending ‘save the date’ to your wedding guests: think for a second, there is more people getting married and your guests may be invited on someone else wedding on the same day. Well, that actually happened to me last week and that was the reason to think of this blog post. So, we were contacted by a friend, that they plan a wedding and we are invited – formal invitation will follows. After a week formal invitation was handed over and we confirmed our attendance. Well, nothing big deal, am I right? Woohoo. Finally we are going for a wedding as a guests and we do not need to take our cameras with us. And we will go crazy! Yes, we will.

After few days we posted our excitement at instagram stories on our Instagram profile – follow us for daily stories – that we are coming to Lake District for an amazing wedding next year. Yeah… Instantly we were contacted by my best friend, that together with his fiance, they have booked wedding venue on the very same day and we will be invited, but they haven’t send formal invitations yet. Wrrrrr… What about ‘save the date’?

Am I disappointed? Sure I am. We would love to attend another wedding as a guests. We love them and considering is my best friend it would be brilliant. So, please, do not disappoint your dearest and just save this date.

Save The Date