London Wedding Shoot

We love early morning light. And sunrise light just at the edge of River Thames makes us even more happier. Not diffrently was on that occasion. The City of London was quiet and peacefull. You could only hear birds and delivery trucks which were rushing with all the supplies.

Marta and Andrew got married earlier this year in Poland. They were very excited to come back to London for their Wedding Portrait Shoot. They have so many memories here and travelled all the way to capture more. We wated to start early. Before you even open your eyes. With first morning coffee in hand went to the heart of busy City of London to capture LOVE.

Every shoot in London is different. We start pretty much at the same spot but then we walk into directons we haven’t explore before. Same was on that particular morning. As a London Wedding Photographers we are having our guides always with us. Long time ago when started, we use famous A-Z London Map. LOL! That was way before all the iphones, google maps and very popular now satnav’s. Try to use a map nowdays. It’s easy but who would bother.

Let’s go back to our couple. Marta and Andrew and their London sunrise shoot. Please check gallery below. If you prefer, check a short video created quickly on that morning. By the way, we now offer a dual photo and video coverage, which includes higlight wedding video with our photography package – a song lenght video with all the memories from the special day. Please enquire to check availability for your date.

If you are looking for photographer for your Southbank wedding shoot London contact us. We would be delighted to help you. That is fantastic opportunity to preserve your memories.