Stowe Park Engagement Shoot

When it comes to engagement photography, it is always a massive brainstorm. Every couple is different. Before we decide about location for particular pre wedding shoot, it is very important to have a proper discussion with bride and groom. We speak to them about colours, about a light as well as time of the day, which is very important. As a Surrey wedding photographers it is up to us to explain all that potential issues which couple can have on the day. Because engagement shoots are only beginning of great relationship with a couple, photographer have to remember to go through all these details before. Some of the people prefer industrial places, some loves nature and some basically don’t know what would be the best place.

The easiest way is to ask and give the ideas. Maybe the spot when they had a first date, maybe favorite restaurant, maybe great coffee shop or favorite place for a romantic walk. There is plenty of possibilities to choose from, but everyone makes it differently. We always care alot about the details of the engagement shoot, because that’s the pictures which most likely you hang it on the wall . They are very honest, natural and intimate.

Depending on location we suggest what to wear, sometimes it’s great to change the outfits during the session, but most important is to be yourselves. Imagine, when you usually wear jeans and t-shirt and suddenly someone tells you to dress up and wear a suit and have a walk in the park. Instantly on the pictures you will see, that you were not comfortable and distracted. With us you always will remain yourself. Once we choose location and outfits, we cannot forget about a make up and a hair. Even if the shoot is very relaxed, bride and groom wants to look ABSOLUTELY perfect. As a wedding photographers we always remember to tell you about that before we settle the date. The last, but not the least thing is timing. As a experienced wedding photographers we exactly know when is the best light during the day. Sometimes the weather is playing games with us, but there is no bad weather for engagement shoot!

Same was with Bella and Vinit. Such a great couple and a pleasure to work with. Bella arrived with stunning hairstyle and beautiful delicate make up. That helps A LOT! Both  chose smart casual outfits for that engagement shoot.

The location of their choice was Stowe Park  and we couldn’t pick better. We absolutely love this place. So many great little corners gave us plenty possibilities. This park is a part of Natural Trust so every inch of the property is well presented and perfectly groomed. We were offered to use a golf cart to drive around the park and it was soooooo much fun! Thank you so much Simon. That gave us an extra time  as well as saved from a couple of showers.

We absolutely felt in love with Stowe Park’s gardens and a beautiful pond. Water always gives this extra cheery on the top. We were lucky as well with weather, even though there were few showers in the meantime the sky, the clouds and the nature in Stowe Park looked amazing. This place has lots to offer, amazing temple, arches, fountain, bridges and much more! We can easily say it is one of our favorite places for engagement shoot.

Thank you Bella and Vinit for choosing us for your engagement photographers in Stowe Park. We had brilliant time.

We do hope to have a chance to work as a wedding photographers in Stowe Park again.

Stowe Park Engagement Shoot

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And a little behind the scenes story of that Engagement Shoot:

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