Our story

Well… and here we are. This is the hardest part to tell you about ourselves. Where shall we start? What is important to begin with? Ok, let’s start with how and when we met. This is the beginning of our story. We both were born and raised in Szczecin, north-west Poland.

So, we met back in 2000 at University of Agriculture in Szczecin. We both were so proud that we have started Uni. That was such a prestige. So we met at this bar next to the Uni. We were eating there both sitting with different groups of people. And suddenly I did realise, that some blonde girl (yes, at that time Karolina was still blonde :)) is offering me her burger. I was hungry so I took a chance and said YES, thanks! So this is how it happened and it lasts for last 18 years! OMG!

From then it was fast. We were dating, travelling together (seen so many beautiful places together), attending (or sometimes NOT) classes, and we both finished Uni in 2005. At that time we decided we will go to United Kingdom for few months. Couple of months extended into few years after all and in 2007 we purchase our FIRST very own DSLR camera – Pentax k100d. It was wonderful camera. We were in love! Friend asked us to attend to her wedding and take few pictures if we could. Back then our journey has started. We felt in love with WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.

But wait a minute, I forgot about something. I propose to Karolina in September 2006. Wait, I make her climb one of the highest mountain peak, which was Sniezka, pull out this massive diamond ring (LOL) and on my knees with a bottle of REAL champagne asked. And she said YES! YES! 😉

22nd September 2007 – Our own wedding:

Take a deep breath, grab a cuppa or a glass of wine and ENJOY:

From that point it went even faster: we have moved to Lake District – we wish to shoot a wedding one day there, such a beautiful place to do that – then our first daughter Wera was born. We were over the moon – if someone who is not sleeping at all can be over the moon LOL. After couple of years we decided to open our very first company – Photobooths – and after another 6 months our wedding photography journey has started. We get bookings without any advertisement at all. First were friends, then their friends and family. And the ball was rolling. And you can’t stop it!

2015 – that was a year of big changes. Our second daughter Pola was born and we went all the way into Asian Wedding Photography. From that moment we were busier than ever expected. Can you imagine, us, european photographers at Asian Wedding in London? Yes, our clients were surprised as well, but now our knowledge about Indian Wedding Rituals and Traditions is even bigger that many of themselves or their guests LOL.

We do LOVE weddings

And here we are, it is 2018 now and we are for the several years already full time Surrey Wedding Photographers London. We are driven by passion, emotions and moments, which are the most important in wedding stories we have privilege to witness. Many thanks to You, beautiful people! Apart of a weddings, we really enjoy creating beautiful engagement stories. We do love to see people in love. This gives us great sense of achievement. We love to laugh with friends and families and feel that we are a part of someones most precious day in a life!

Your glass is empty? Grab another one, press play, put a volume up and enjoy!

This is not where story ends. This is just a beginning. We are taking booking now for 2018/2019 wedding season. Popular Summer dates goes fast, so if you are still looking for Surrey Wedding Photographer get in touch asap. We would be delighted to witness your happiness and to be part the most important day in your life. If you are camera shy, do not hesitate to tell us about it – we would love to meet you at engagement session to show you that you are beautiful. If you are planning a destination wedding abroad, we are sooooo excited to hear that! We love travelling and will follow you wherever to capture your emotions and once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Call us or drop us an email if you would like us to prepare a quote for a Destination Wedding Photography.

Cover pic credit: Marzena Kosin