The best Instagram spots in London

Anna and Charlene are great couple who just recently got engaged. We decided to take them to the most photogenic spots in London, some call them the most instagrammable London spots.

London Bridge

London Bridge is a great spot to start morning shoot. Especially when it comes to sunrise shoot. The view to the east is just great. What I love the most is a space underneath the bridge itself. It is so photogenic. Just check below.

20 Fenchurch Street and Sky Garden London

City of London is awesome area for any kind of shoot. You can find there any shapes and forms of backdrops. The one which caught our attention is a bit of a green wall at 20 Fenchurch Street, just outside of very popular Sky Garden. The fact that you don’t really have much of green backdrops at the City itself, brings additional value to that place.

Leadenhall Market – City of London

The Leadenhall Market is actually my favorite market in London. But not because what the shops or stalls offers. I love it strictly because how it looks. Especially when all the shops are shut and there is absolutely no one there. Just have a quick look. It is so photogenic. The best time to come here is Sunday morning or in the afternoon, when the sun is going down creating great reflections.

London underground

Tube stations, trains, tunnels, escalators, elevators, you name it. Countless locations, never ending spots and so unique, that we could go to any creating great story with unique imagery. London underground is always busy, but when down there, you can escape from the crowds on the streets.

The King’s Cross Tunnel – King’s Cross Station

King’s Cross Tunnel is a proper hidden gem of London. Not many know about it. Even when you ask staff at the station they have a bit of trouble to give a right directions how to get there. Every picture taken at that particular location is different. Lighting is changing every half second creates unique backdrop and atmosphere. And even at rush our the tunnels not busy at all, gives lots of time for creating great pictures.

Neil’s Yard – Covent Garden

I love whole Covent Garden. I love the crowds and the ambient. But Neil’s Yard (formerly known as King’s Head Court) is so special – great, unique look, awesome pizza, fantastic vibrant colours. You have to come and see. No pictures will really show the beauty of that small hidden courtyard. It is worth to come here when cafes are still shut – the artwork on the shutters and doors is just brilliant. And those murals.

Leicester Square & Piccadilly Circus

All London landmarks, all most popular touristic spots are great for engagement photos. Just watch passing crowds, slow down, go against people traffic and enjoy different point of view. Those places offers more than just landmarks – you can feel real city vibe and discover brand new frames. Just go there and do it. You will not regret.

London backgrounds

What backgrounds are most typical for London? Big Ben, Tower Bridge and … a Red Bus. Yes, and we love it. Take a ride, swipe your contact less card, grab a taxi. All that simple and everyday things combined with love will amaze you. Just have a look how Anna and Cha enjoyed themselves at busy streets in central London. You will see more of a buses and taxis this season. Trust me!

Did you like above engagement adventure? Let us know. We would like o know what you think. We love to chat about your plans. You might share above story with your friends, it might help someone. Many thanks.

The best Instagram spots in London