The most romantic places to propose in London

(Updated for 2022)

Are you thinking of proposing this time of the year? London is one of the city of romance and it is absolutely brilliant idea to do that. Let me show you the most romantic places to propose in London. The perfect proposal requires perfect venue, but do not forget about perfect time of the day, perfect setting and perfect details. Because the most romantic proposal is all about those tiny details, which make everything work together.

River Thames Boat Trip Proposal

Shangri La at The Shard proposal

The View from The Shard is definitely one of the most romantic places to propose in London. Just look at this view? You can be sure she will say “YES”!


Fitzrovia Chapel proposal

Hire a professional violinist, an amazing venue, thousands of rose petals and all the decorations or let plan it for you professional proposal planner. That venue has it all. Couldn’t imagine for your partner not to say “Yes”, once you take her\him to Fitzrovia Chapel. The location is brilliant to celebrate your proposal in the vibrant bars and restaurants just next door.

Tower Bridge walk and London Embankment proposal

Casual morning walk at the River Thames can transform into the most amazing proposal ever. Don’t forget to have with you your favorite playlist on your phone and to spoil your loved one with a favorite cup of coffee. That’s the best in the morning, so she will be surprised for sure.

Wilton’s Music Hall Proposal

How cool is that place? Once we entered Wilton’s Music Hall we felt in love straight away. There are some venues – you can plan your wedding there as well – which tick all the boxes and that one definitely does it. Just have a look. That place is awesome even without any decorations at all. Check here for full blog post from Wilton’s Music Hall Engagement.

Primrose Hill surprise proposal

Well, if you are dreaming to propose with an amazing (I would say to have whole London by your side) view, you have to do it here. Primrose Hill offers absolutely gorgeous views over London panorama during every kind of weather. And once you will come here just before sunset, you can be sure your partner will say YES! Once standing over the top you can see whole London in front of you and when you turn a little to the right, this is where you will see spectacular sunset.

Royal proposal at Kensington Palace Gardens

We were not surprised, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their Engagement at the Kensington Palace Gardens. Once you are there you will still feel Royal vibe. The best time is to arrive there in the early morning due to large number of tourists. But don’t worry, you will still find a quiet space for you to go on your knee and ask: “Will you marry me?”.

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