Tower Bridge London Engagement Shoot

Karla and Lee – South America and England. You might think opposite poles like North and South. But in that case they are not opposite. They pull to each other like a massive magnets.

Tower Bridge in London. By far our most favourite London’s landmark. We love to come back there and we are always looking for any excuse to do so. Same was on that morning. Arrived at the cafe next to the bridge way earlier that agreed with the couple to enjoy the coffee with the view.

Waiting for a couple with a favorite coffee cup is a pleasure. But to be surprised by a couple and their outfit is even better. To be precise, I am talking about Karla’s Vans. How cool is that! To find out our couple care about little details to show their real side is more that gold for us. And just take a look at her dress. Well, try to beat it. Or maybe not. Lately we are getting couples, who’s character and overall individualism is visible more and more. And we love it to be honest.

Busy streets of London in the morning is the thing we like at our shoots. Everybody is rushing to work, but we are only with those two. Those two who only cares about themselves. And their LOVE…

And you, what kind of London engagement shoot you would see yourself in? City of London engagement shoot or one of the London’s signature parks? We would love to hear from you and know your thoughts.

Tower Bridge London engagement

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