Virginia Water Engagement

Fiona and Elliot Engagement at Virginia Water

The Day started rather wet. Actually it was just like someone pouring buckets of water on you. We just looked on our whatsapp – nope, no message from Fiona. Off we go to Virginia Water engagement. As a London wedding photographer, I get used to wet weddings and engagements. I would say it is just normal, that the only thing you can’t really count on is the weather in UK. Well, this day was about to be very different.

Exactly at 3PM, when I was about to meet Fiona and Elliot, the rain just stopped and sun went out. I could not believed my eyes – I was carrying two large umbrellas and now they were useless.

Fiona and Elliot are awesome and full of energy couple. While living locally, they were very happy for a nice afternoon stroll at Virginia Water. What can I say – the shoot went really well, we had an amazing time – I simply am in love with Elliot’s sense of humour.

Please see some of our favorites from their engagement shoot at Virginia Water. If you prefer to watch it as a slideshow, just grab a drink, hit play and enjoy:

Virginia Water Engagement