Weddings in London during coronavirus pandemic

2020 had been a year to forget until those couples decided to get married anyway. And how cool those weddings was! Let me take you thru all this crazy moments, which wrote a history and after all the couples will remember forever.

Andaz Hotel London Wedding

Chelsea Town Hall London Wedding

Kensington Registry Office London Wedding

Fortnum and Mason London Wedding

Weddings in London during coronavirus pandemic

And what do you thing of those weddings in London during coronavirus pandemic? Are you planning to get married no matter what this crazy world will throw into your direction? Well, love does not take days off and those and many more couples has proven that. After all what worst can happen? If you are looking for London wedding photographer or London wedding videographer or thinking of live streaming wedding ceremony in London contact us. It would be amazing to hear your story and document it with a unique way. Many thanks.