Guildford Surrey Wedding Photography

“All the pictures were fabulous. He captured the entire event beautifully. Amazing candid pics.”

Being Ashwini and Gautam’s wedding photographer in Guildford, Surrey was an amazing experience. Especially thank to them for choosing me to document their intimate wedding.

UK weddings – like any other in the world – for me are all about the people. Friends and family present at Ashwini and Gautam Guildford Wedding really created amazing atmosphere. I could feel love, friendship and happiness all around.

Ashwini and Gautam have their wedding ceremony held in Guildford Register Office. It was first time for me, so thank you for giving me opportunity to shoot at another venue where I haven’t been before. The ceremony was held in a room full of friends and family. Such a nice and intimate ceremony. After Ashwini and Gautam became husband and wife, small crowd gathered just outside the main entrance, to celebrate great exit with colorful petals. Straight after that we went into few group portraits and head over to their Guildford Wedding Reception venue, which was Inn On The Lake.

Friends and family prepared for newly weds a surprise: they have printed all Facebook pictures of Ashwini and Gautam’s they could find. It was such a nice and emotional touch.

Here are a few of my favorite frames from Ashwini and Gautam wedding in Guildford, Surrey at the Inn On The Lake in Guildford

Guildford Surrey Wedding Photography

I had an amazing time shooting an Indian wedding in Guildford, Surrey, it was the perfect setting for any intimate Wedding Ceremony. If you’re planning on having a wedding in Guildford, Surrey or anywhere else in UK, then please get in touch. I’d love to hear all about it and have the opportunity to do another Guildford Surrey Wedding Photography.